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Mailbag: Enough Weapons for a Super Bowl Run?

Answering questions from Chiefs Kingdom

You asked, I answered.

Lino from Amarillo: Do you think Alex Smith has the weapons to make a Super Bowl run?

I believe there's enough talent on this team to beat any team in the NFL on any given day.

You can see the way coach Andy Reid uses so many different personnel groups and combinations of different players based on favorable matchups. That's not the way it's done everywhere.

While every team tries to expose mismatches, the Chiefs do it with a variety of players and groups, and they have enough talent in each of these areas that they can score points with the best of them.

Look at guys like Travis Kelce, Anthony Sherman and De'Anthony Thomas. These are versatile players who can be moved around to do different things against different teams.


Anders from Copenhagen: Unlike last year, the Chiefs are 2-1 against top-tier quarterbacks (Brady, Manning, Rivers), what has been the difference?

The Chiefs defense is tied for first in the NFL for the fewest number of 20-plus yard completions given up this season with just 15.

There are a lot of reasons for the success and it's hard to give credit to just one thing. For one of the games, it was as simple as making a field goal. That was the difference in the games at San Diego, both this year and last year.

I wasn't here last year to talk with the coaches and players every day, but I can tell you that the constant in every conversation on both sides of the ball with the coaches and players is surrounding "technique" and "execution."

That's not just "coach speak" either, because the players are repeating this every time you talk with them because that's what's being preached on the practice field to them every day.

Brad from Garden City (NY): Do you think Phillip Gaines has a chance to be our No. 2 starting cornerback?

It would seem to be about finding the best possible spot for players with certain skillsets. Gaines has spent some time on the outside, but has primarily found his way onto the field as a nickelback (on the slot receiver).

I don't think coaches look at it in terms of No. 1 or No. 2 cornerbacks, much like on the offensive side with receivers, but Gaines' athleticism and quickness have been lauded about him since he arrived in Kansas City.

He played really well against San Diego, but mentioned in the locker room on Wednesday that there are a lot of things he can improve upon moving forward. Coach Sutton and the defensive staff will put him in the best possible situation to succeed, which may mean getting better at one position for more than one game before they change course and move him to a spot he doesn't have as much experience.

In any case, Gaines could be the most skilled defensive back on the field and still play on the inside if the staff feels that's the best spot for his skillset.

The team is back at work on the practice field on Wednesday


Alex from Kingsley: "Is there any chance the Chiefs try and trade for a wide receiver?"

Coming into this season, there were a lot of Chiefs fans that thought drafting a receiver or signing one in free agency was absolutely what the team was going to do.

That didn't happen, and then throughout training camp some of the young guys at the position began stepping up and making plays. All of a sudden, the plan that was already in place, set forth by the personnel department, started to take shape in the public's eye.

Guys like Frankie Hammond and Albert Wilson stood out at camp, and while the fan base may not have been completely aware of those guys yet, this coaching staff and personnel department obviously thought highly of them because of what transpired over the offseason.

At this point, there's no reason to believe the team is going to change its philosophy in developing the young players they have and building through the draft.

It's not an easy thing for a player to come into a new situation in this offense midseason and contribute right away, all while giving up coveted draft picks.

Andy from Mt. Pleasant: Could any of the Chiefs play for the Royals?

I'm willing to throw them batting practice after the season to see if any of them could hit a baseball, but if I had to pick one I'd go with De'Anthony Thomas. Because that's what speed do.

Scott from Frenchtown: Why didn't Donald Stephenson get his suspension reduced when others had theirs cut in half?

Not all suspensions are alike, or for the same thing.


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