Members of Chiefs Kingdom Spending Honeymoon at Arrowhead on Sunday

There’s no place like Arrowhead

Arrowhead, the place known for its fans and noise, comes back to life Sunday for the Kansas City Chiefs home opener against the Eagles.

And there's nothing like the first Red Friday to start building up the energy for the weekend.

"It's hard not to see the support that we get from Kansas City," Chiefs linebacker Derrick Johnson said. "Banners up, lights up, everything painted red– it's just a reminder of what this town is all about.

"It just lets you know how much support the fans give us win or lose, and it just gives us more confidence and excitement to go out and play for them."

Kansas City participating in Red Friday Week before the home opener at Arrowhead Stadium

Coach Andy Reid said Red Friday is one of the things he's really proud of in the organization.

"I'm proud that our players get out into the community and proud that the organization allows the players to do that, and encourages that."

The players are so into Red Friday in fact, that Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith's wife couldn't believe their son's school would schedule pajama day on Friday.

"My wife was like, 'Well that doesn't make sense. It's Red Friday,'" Smith told Mitch Holthus on the Chiefs Kingdom Radio Show. "It's just so ingrained that this is what this city is about, this whole community, the kingdom. It was just so funny to me, without skipping a beat, 'It's Red Friday.'"

And that energy will only increase on Sunday.

"Arrowhead—there's nothing like Arrowhead," Johnson said. "Especially on a Sunday at 12 o'clock."

So, don't be shocked that there's a couple honeymooning there.

Elise Gouldsmith and Jordan Klebba are getting married Saturday in Lee Summit, and for their honeymoon, are attending the home opener the next day.

"I told Jordan, 'Let's just go to the game. Let's just go,'" Gouldsmith said.

What solidified their compatibility? Both families are die-hard Chiefs fans.

They even considered having the wedding at Arrowhead.

Klebba is in firefighting training, with limited days off, and suggested the game as their honeymoon as a joke, but Gouldsmith was instantly on board.

"I told Jordan [Klebba] I have a million and one things to do this wedding week, and what am I doing? I am working on posters for the game," Gouldsmith laughed.

In addition to the signs, Gouldsmith will be rocking her veil with her Chiefs' gear on Sunday.

Arrowhead is a character in itself.

"It's almost as close to a college environment as you're going to find in the National Football League," Reid said. "Where you have the tailgates and there are people lined up trying to get here early morning on noon games."

Reid referred to one fan in particular who arrives around 4:30 in the morning.

"The gates are closed, and he has his barbeque out and he's handing hotdogs out to people," Reid said. "And I'm going this is unbelievable. It's a phenomenal deal."

For some, it'll be their first regular season game at Arrowhead— and they've been looking forward to it since they got here.

"Everybody's been telling me how we got the best crowd, the best fans and the loudest stadium," Chiefs rookie Kareem Hunt said. "I can't wait to get out there and have people cheering on our side."

And to that, Chiefs fans say, "I do."

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