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Mitch Morse: "It's Extremely Frustrating. We Have A Championship-Caliber Team."

Alex Smith, Tyreek Hill, Dustin Colquitt, Reggie Ragland, Frank Zombo, Derrick Johnson and Mitch Morse spoke to the media Sunday


Is there a sense of shock? "Certainly frustrated for sure. A little shock there, no doubt. Felt like we were going to bounce back, come back and get back into rhythm on offense. Certainly from the get-go we didn't do that. So yeah a little frustrated. Everyone trying to figure it out and do their job. Help get us going."

Did the Bills do anything you weren't expecting?"Can't totally anticipate everything. They're a good defense, they present a lot. They make you get ready for a lot. But nothing that was out of the normal, no."

More of the zone stuff than you've seen this season: "Yeah a little mix. That's what they were coming into it – more zone. They mix in a little man here and there, but for the most part, it's kind of their style of play. Like I said, behind the chains, it felt like we were behind. Especially in the first half, just felt like we couldn't get it going."

How much of this is what defenses are keying in on?"Potentially. It would be hard for me to say what they're doing. One of our strengths I think is that we can do a lot of different things, running and pass. Sometimes I think a little bit of it is finding that identity. I think, first half to second half is a good example of that, just like the style of play. When it's all going, it's great. But certainly there for a little bit, searching. Searching what's going to go, what's going to get us get going, get us into rhythm."

How much of this is on the quarterback? "Listen when we watch film, I'm watching film from my perspective. What can I do better, every single play. That's what you're going through. What could I have done better, could I have done anything better? No doubt. There's especially the last two weeks, there's been some plays that you'd love to have back. That's football though. You're not sitting there watching film, making excuses for yourself. That's for sure, in times like this. You watch and what could I have done differently and what's going to help me next time when I'm in that situation to do something differently."

Where's your confidence right now in yourself and in the offense? "I think the second question would be the more important one. I think for all of us, we all lean on each other. It's a team game, a unit, especially on offense it takes all 11 guys all doing it. Certainly not getting it done. Didn't get it done today and it's frustrating. I think that confidence and the momentum and rhythm, it's kind of all the same thing I feel like I've been talking about the last two weeks. It can come and go and certainly it took us a long time today to get it going."

What about the first question though? "I guess mine goes with the offense. When things are rolling, it's great. You're a product. When a guy touches a ball every play you make a lot of decisions when the offense is going good. Certainly probably a reflection. Not sure what comes first sometimes. But you're in there just trying to go."

You got the ball back with two minutes – you feeling good there? "Yeah it's a great opportunity to win the game. Great opportunity to win the game. It's what we practice all the time. Certainly felt like we got off to a good start and were going. Had good momentum going there. Miscommunication on that last throw between me and Tyreek (Hill)."

What happened on that screen pass in the second or third quarter with Tyreek (Hill) and Albert (Wilson)? "I think a mix up as far as what personnel ran. We got a lot of guys that play a lot of different positions and moving them around. Certainly a miscommunication as far as what personnel ran, who was playing what position. Then you're going on the fly. I think they both kind of realized that they were trying to adjust off each other."

On that fourth-down throw to Tyreek Hill – was that your primary read?"I'm going to have to look at it. It would be hard for me to say at this point."


Is it realistic to think you can get back to where you were earlier in the season?"Yeah, yeah. We definitely can. We just have to go back to working on those small little things. Continue to bring the energy. I think defense is going to continue to play great, so we just need to use the defense's energy to fuel us."

How does the offense feel in practice?"I think practice is good. Especially this week. Everybody having fun and has that energy. Routes were sharp. This week in practice we got back to doing things right."

What was the difference between the first half and the first drive of the second half?"Just attacking. Just letting Kareem (Hunt) do his thing on the inside and just letting me, De'Anthony (Thomas) and Albert (Wilson) do the screens on the outside."


What is the atmosphere like after a loss like this?"It is tough. I feel like I attributed to a lot of it in the first half with field position. My third and fourth punt, got to be better than that and put them in a better light. We are used to having the field position in the positive and I didn't do that in the first half today, so I have to get better."

What did you feel like the difference from the first to the second half was?"We are always going to stay together. That is something Andy (Reid) always talks about. I have to be better and we have to be better."

Harrison Butker set the record for most consecutive field goals, what kind of progress have you seen from him?"Big time. We can count on him when we get into field goal range. He has been great for us and huge. I was hoping we could get one more chance down there and let him get an extra point to win it."


How did it feel out there today?"It felt good. I just had the mindset that this is just another regular game out there. I had to play good for my team."

You didn't have extra motivation for this game?"Anytime you play against another grown man who wants to hit you in your mouth, there is always motivation."

What is your comfort level with the defense?"It is the more reps I get with the guys out there. I need to get to know my players so I know what I have to do on the field. It is just more and more when I get out there with those guys. They make me more comfortable out there by talking to them and telling me what I need to do."

How much more comfortable are you than a week or two ago?"It is really the same thing every week. The team runs the same thing, so it is really just seeing it and going out and executing what you have to do."

Do you feel like you get better feel for the defense with better snaps?"Anytime you get reps doing something, you feel more comfortable. It is just like you being a reporter, and the more you come in the locker room, you get more comfortable right? That's how it is on the field."


Do you look at things like you just need to move forward?"Yeah, you just have to stick together and not point fingers. A family, when they face adversity, they don't point fingers and do all that and stick together. Just keep working and hopefully the ball starts bouncing our way better."

How was the execution and did they give you anything you didn't expect?"They gave us pretty much exactly what we expected from a defensive and offensive point of view. They are a good team, they are a physical offensive line, good running back, and a fast, elusive quarterback. I think we knew what we were doing."


*Comments on the game: *"It's tough, man, whenever you lose, anytime.  Regardless of what the score is, it's tough.  This ball has been rolling down hill and the more losses you get, the harder that ball is to stop rolling in the wrong direction.  You know what, this is one of those games where you need to get it.  We need to get one win.  We need to get a win.  However we can get it, we need to get it because it doesn't look good right now."

Why were you not able to get over the hump today against Buffalo?"This is the ultimate team game.  Regardless of if you blame the offense over certain things, we didn't get a turnover.  You've got to get a turnover.  You've got to create momentum, moments of momentum.  Defensively we played good, yardage wise but we didn't change the momentum.  That's where we let the ball down.  We've got to get a turnover.  We've got to get one today. There were not a lot of opportunities to get one, but somehow you've got to get one. It's just that you have to create it.  We couldn't muster it up or create one today."

When things are going downhill like this, how do you keep the team together?"You don't point fingers.  You don't point fingers.  I have been in this league long enough and been in situations worse than this.  You don't point fingers.  You can strike a better blow if you stop pointing fingers and curl them up, get tight. That's the main thing right now.  You've got to get tight.  We got good character guys on this team.  To tell you that we are going to bounce the right way, I can't honestly say that right now.  We just have to show it by action.  We have a lot of self-checking and a lot of looking in the mirror to see what we can do better individually in order to get better."

*What changes were made at halftime that allowed you to perform better in the second half? *"We did a lot better, defensively in the second half than we did in the first half.  There were a couple of opportunities we could have made in the first half and capitalize off of but we did a lot better in the second half.  Hats off to our defense.  When you lose there is always something you can do better.  Regardless if they got two yards the whole game, there is always something you can do better.  Defensively, we have to find that.  We have to search for that.  Good teams do."

*You are still in control of your destiny.  Is this your division to win? *"We have been leading the division every week.  That's not an excuse to relax.  The sense of urgency was here last week.  It's here again.  It is going to be here for the rest of the year.  We have to figure out how to get it done."


*Are there things carrying over from week to week that aren't working or are there new differences? *"Games like this you have to look at yourself as an individual.  I can only speak for myself and there is plenty that I need to get better at to put my team in a better situation."

*What is the frustration level like right now? *"It is extremely frustrating.  We have a championship caliber team.  I can only speak for myself but stupid mental mistakes and physical errors are putting us out of position to put our offense in a situation to score."

*How much of this is on the quarterback and how much is on everyone else? *"Like I said, I can't speak for anyone but myself and for me it's not acceptable.  I'll look internally.  Hopefully coach critiques me hard and I'll critique myself harder and we will go from there.  As for that, I have no statement."

*Is there a sense of shock after this game? *"No one goes out to play horrible.  So, that's shocking.  I can't speak for anyone except myself. I don't know what you want me to say."

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