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New Chiefs Safety Stevie Brown Excited for Another Opportunity

Brown spoke with reporters via conference call on Monday afternoon


BJ Kissel ( What does it mean for you to get another opportunity in the NFL?

BROWN: "It means a lot to me. After last season, not really playing that much, just being able to get an opportunity to get a workout in for the Chiefs to actually sign me. It means a lot. It's like coming in as a rookie all over again."

Kissel:  When you look at your opportunity in Kansas City, what makes you feel you'd be a good fit with some of these other veterans that have come in here and made an impact for the defense?

BROWN: "I know both Kurt (Coleman) and Tyvon (Branch), I know them personally and the type of players they are. It's one of those things – I know their work ethic and that they set their minds to it and they get down there and they do what they have to do. I'm the same type of player. I'm going to come in and just learn what I need to learn, do what I'm asked to do, and just try to drive because it's a defense that's surrounded with great players."

Kissel: What do you like about the defensive scheme they play and how does that fit well with what you like to do?

BROWN: "It's an attacking defense. They've got pass rushers up front able to control the run, and then it makes teams one-dimensional. Once you're able to make a team one-dimensional, it's a lot easier to get back there and make some plays."

Terez Paylor (Kansas City Star): Have you spoken to Kurt Coleman or Tyvon Branch about the opportunity here and what it was kind of like to play here in this defense?

BROWN: "I haven't talked to Kurt or Tyvon yet, but I did talk to Quintin Demps, and Demps was telling me that it's a good system. He enjoyed playing for Andy Reid. He enjoyed everything about it. Quintin is a good friend of mine as well, played with him in New York, so I talked to him and he liked it. He said it's a good defense, it's a fun defense and the coaches are good people."

Paylor: When did you talk to Quintin Demps, and did you reach out to him or were you just talking out of nowhere?

BROWN: "I talked to Demps I think Saturday it was, and I talk to Quintin on the regular. He's a good friend of mine from our days in New York together and we usually talk once every other week or so, just to try to catch up and stay in contact."

Paylor: Did you get a sense for why this is such a good situation for safeties here?

BROWN: "The philosophy is that it's the defense. Whenever you have a good defense and multiple people are playing in the defense, it seems like everybody is doing well. That's the type of system that it has, that's the type of coaches that it has and that's the type of players that it brings in. It brings in guys that are hungry that want to play."

Paylor: Are you healthy and back to where you were in 2012 with that eight-interception season?

BROWN: "Yeah, I'm back healthy."

Paylor: How much were you limited in the past with trying to come back from that ACL or that other stuff that's gone on the last few years?

BROWN: "The ACL was good whenever I started, it was just getting back into playing football that kind of slowed me down a little bit. I was on the rep count starting before I started the season, so I never got my football legs quite underneath me until a few games into the season. Last year, starting off with the foot, I was me, but I didn't have my pop back yet with the foot, so I wasn't able to do what I needed to do. Missing last year was kind of a blessing. It allowed me to get everything back healthy, get everything back right, do everything that I needed to do. I didn't have to rush back to do anything. Now, I'm just ready to go. It was kind of a blessing in disguise last year."

Paylor:When you had your eight-interception season, did you get most of those in the box or as a free safety?

BROWN: "Most of them were roaming. I think there's only maybe one or two where I was actually in man-to-man coverage. Most of them were when I was back roaming, breaking off what the quarterback was looking on."

Herbie Teope (Topeka Capital-Journal):What did you do last season when you weren't playing?

BROWN: "I spent time down here. There's a place that I go down here called Flex and it's kind of a rehab and training center all in one. I spent most of my days in there with the trainers making sure the knee was good, making sure the foot was good. And then after I did that, I get back on to the field and I would do field work. I spent most of the time rehabbing and training."

Teope:How much football did you watch?

BROWN: "I watched a little bit. It's something that I do all the time, I'm not the biggest watcher. I watch whenever I have good friends playing and that's about it. I can't sit here and say I watched every single game every single Sunday."

Teope:During the games you did watch, how much of a sense did you get that you needed to be out there playing?

BROWN: "Oh yeah, that definitely happened, that was definitely happening. Like I said, whenever I was watching some of my good friends play and seeing them make plays, (I was) wishing I was on the field with them, wishing I was out there to celebrate with them. A lot of things like that definitely ran through my mind."

Teope:Before you signed with the Chiefs, how many other teams were interested in you?

BROWN: "There definitely was a few, which I liked. They were all talking and everybody was waiting a little bit of time, seeing what was going on. But there definitely was a lot of dialogue going on by about three or four teams."

Teope:Could you name a couple of them or do you prefer to keep that under wraps?

BROWN: "It was more so a conversation between me and my agent."

Paylor:You said you were working out at Flex, where was that?

BROWN: "It's down in Houston."

Kissel:When you think back to 2010, what do you remember about playing at Arrowhead?

BROWN: "Man, I remember it was cold. It was a crazy atmosphere, because that was the time that the Chiefs had won the division already, because they beat the Titans the week before. So the fans were out there heavy, celebrating. And they were playing the Raiders, so I know the rivalry, being drafted to Oakland, so I know that rivalry pretty well. It was a great atmosphere with all the fans out there as cold as it was, everyone going crazy. I definitely remember that trip well."

Teope:When you signed with the Chiefs, did they give you an idea of what your role would be?

BROWN: "You know, it was just one of those things that we didn't really get into it. It was more so saying they were happy to have me, I was happy to be here. In my mind, I'm just coming in to work. From there, we'll see what happens."

Paylor:Give us the portrait of what Stevie Brown is as a player when you're in the zone. Earl Thomas sideline-to-sideline or more of an enforcer? BROWN: "I like to be able to do both, I don't like to limit myself. In the past I've been more so a roamer, doing all the things that Earl does. But every now and then I do come into the box. If I need to run through gaps, fit in the running game, I know how to do all that as well. It's just probably a little bit of versatility is what you'll see out of me, between breaking off the quarterback's eyes or coming down into the box and filling gaps as need be."

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