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NFL Adjusts Stat, Credits Cairo Santos for Career-Long 54-Yard FG

After some communication between the Chiefs and the NFL, it’s a new career long for the third-year kicker

On the first play of the second quarter of last Sunday's game against the Houston Texans, Kansas City Chiefs kicker Cairo Santos lined up for a 54-yard field goal, or so he originally thought.

Santos split the uprights for what he thought to be the longest field goal of his career after twice before hitting from 53 yards—most recently against the Baltimore Ravens last December—and it also tied for the fourth-longest field goal in franchise history.

The only problem is that after the game, the stats showed that he made a 53-yard field goal, not 54, as Santos had believed.

"In my mind, I was like I'm kicking a 54-yarder," Santos explained of what he was thinking during the game. "The whole day, I'm like, 'Yeah, I broke my new personal record.' And then I'm giving an interview after the game in the locker room, and somebody told me that I finished '4 for 4 with a long of 53 yards.'"

The Chiefs asked the NFL if they could review the play, and on Wednesday, they heard back from the league, which agreed that the field goal should be officially listed at 54 yards.

After all that, it's a new career long for the third-year kicker out of Tulane.

Santos found out of the change during the media open locker room period on Wednesday.

"It's exciting," Santos explained. "I wanted a new goal and didn't get it originally, but now I'm smiling because I've achieved a new goal.

"It meant a lot to me."

Santos, who hit a 58-yarder in the preseason, will need to hit from 59 yards to set the franchise record, which is held by former great Nick Lowery, who twice hit from 58 yards in his career (Sept. 18, 1983, Sept. 12, 1985).

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