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Kansas City Chiefs Official Team Website | Senior Analyst Gil Brandt Picks Chiefs to Win AFC West

Gil Brandt and Alex Marvez of Sirius XM Radio stopped by training camp on Wednesday

He's one of the most respected football men out there.

Former Dallas Cowboys personnel man Gil Brandt, who not only won two Super Bowls with the Cowboys (VI, XII), but also had 20-straight winning seasons (1966-85) as he helped lead their scouting department through some of their best years, is currently a senior analyst for

On Wednesday, Brandt and Alex Marvez were at Kansas City Chiefs training camp for their Sirius XM Radio show.

During a break from their show, Brandt took time to speak with about his thoughts on the upcoming season.

"I'm picking Kansas City to win the AFC West," Brandt said. "I think this team has been carefully put together. I think that there's a great deal of cooperation between everybody here. I think Andy [Reid] realizes what [general manager] John Dorsey brings to the table, and I think Dorsey realizes what Andy brings to the table.

"And I think both of them realize what [Chiefs Chairman and CEO] Clark Hunt brings to the table. Dorsey has told me numerous times: everything they've asked for from Hunt, they've gotten. I think this is a team that's got a good quarterback and some people behind him that can really help."

Brandt, a legendary personnel man who is credited for many of the techniques used today by NFL teams to scout players, couldn't speak more highly of Dorsey.

"He leaves no stone unturned," Brandt said. "The guy works hard, he's got a lot of friends and he can walk into a school and they'll say, 'John, come here I want to talk to you. Don't pay any attention to so and so,' or 'This guy's not a good person.'

"I think John is a very forward thinker. He knows about players, but I think he also knows what the team and the league is going to be like one or two years from now. So when he's drafting a player, he's not drafting a player for 2015, he's drafting a player for 2017."

One of the areas Brandt said that Dorsey has been particularly impressive is with the college free agents. Last year, receiver Albert Wilson was signed after the draft and heading into his second season looks to be in line for a starting position.

This year, linebacker Justin March has already been turning some heads, along with a few other players who are looking forward to their first NFL game action on Saturday against the Arizona Cardinals.

It's an area Brandt can't say is important enough.

"It's really, really important," Brandt said. "When I was with the Cowboys, we were big in the free agent market. It's probably more important now because of the salary cap. If things are going to be successful, teams have to hit on their fourth, fifth and sixth-round picks, and not only hit on those guys, but it's [also] important to have one or two free agents make your team."

Once those players are found and either drafted or signed by Dorsey and his crew, then it's just a matter of letting the coaching staff teach and develop them.

That's where the trust between the personnel staff and the coaching staff becomes paramount.

"One of the things about Andy Reid and the coaching staff he has in Kansas City, they're all teachers," Brandt explained. "They do a really good job developing players.

"And today, you better have good teachers if you want to be successful."

Brandt would know, and if he's saying good things about those in charge of the Chiefs on both the personnel side and coaching side of things, with his pedigree, that's reason enough to feel even more optimistic about the short-term, the long-term and future in Kansas City.

A Compilation of the best photographs from the first week of training camp at Missouri Western State University in St. Joseph, MO.

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