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NFL Power Rankings: Chiefs Remain One of League's Top Teams

The latest power rankings from NFL give the Chiefs some respect

The Kansas City Chiefs remain one of the league's best teams, according to the latest power rankings from ESPN.

The rankings were voted upon by a group of ESPN NFL experts, who currently rank the Chiefs at No. 8—the same place they had them right after free agency.

While power rankings, in general, don't mean much, and for all intents and purposes—mean even less as we sit here in May—there's still a good portion of fans who want to know how the national media feels about their favorite team.

Plus, the next 18 seconds spent reading this article will keep you distracted from work a little longer.

Here's what ESPN's Dan Graziano said about the Chiefs in his latest power rankings article:

2016 record: 12-4
Post-free agency ranking: No. 8

"How many times do you have to beat a team in a season before you can rank ahead of them in the following May's Power Rankings? Apparently, the answer is more than two. The Chiefs are so good that they traded this year's and next year's first-round picks for a quarterback who isn't going to play this coming season."

To see the full list of rankings, click this link.

There are three other AFC teams ranked ahead of the Chiefs, which include the New England Patriots (No. 1), Pittsburgh Steelers (No. 4) and Oakland Raiders (No. 7).

The Chiefs have had their last two seasons cut short by two of the teams ranked ahead of them in the Patriots and Steelers, who defeated the Chiefs in the divisional round of the playoffs in 2015 and 2016, respectively.

The Raiders, however—to Graziano's point—have lost more than two straight to the Chiefs.

The Chiefs have won five straight against the Raiders and are 7-1 against them under head coach Andy Reid.

But it's May, and the Chiefs are seen as a top 10 team, so there's that Chiefs Kingdom.

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