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NFL to Release 2013 Schedule Thursday

Fans to learn dates and times of the Chiefs regular-season games


The wait will soon be over.

The NFL announced today that it will release the 2013 regular-season schedule this Thursday night, at 7 p.m. CT.

Going into Thursday, here's what we know:

Kansas City will play the following teams at Arrowhead Stadium this season: (Preseason: 49ers and Packers)

Denver Broncos

Oakland Raiders

San Diego Chargers

Houston Texans

Indianapolis Colts

Dallas Cowboys

New York Giants

Cleveland Browns

The Chiefs will be traveling to the following away games: (Preseason: Saints and Steelers)

Denver Broncos

Oakland Raiders

San Diego Chargers

Jacksonville Jaguars

Tennessee Titans

Philadelphia Eagles

Washington Redskins

Buffalo Bills

Also on Thursday night, fans will learn how the league has designed its season-long lineup of Sunday, Monday and Thursday night prime-time games.

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