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Nine Takeaways From Chiefs Media Availability on Tuesday

The local media spoke to head coach Andy Reid and quarterback Alex Smith

There were no new injury updates to report.

Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid

Head coach Andy Reid addressed the latest news on offensive lineman Eric Fisher.

"He's going to practice today," he said. "Jah will take the majority of the reps with the ones and we'll just see how he does here. It's making progress, I'm not sure it's all the way back though, where we need to be."

Reid called Denver's defense one of the best in the NFL.

"That defense is one of the best in the league," he said "I think it will play out that way by the end of the year. They're fast at all positions and they have an aggressive approach. Wade [Phillips] does a nice job with them now and as Foxy (John Fox) did with them before and the guys that were there. They're a fast group, all the way through, at every level-- the front, the linebackers and the secondary level."

Reid explained how he's handling the quick turnaround with the game this Thursday.

"There's a recovery that takes place after the game," he said. "You [have to] remember, this is just a Tuesday in a normal week, so you take that in consideration. At the same time, you have to get some work done. There's a fine line there on how you approach it. We're going to go practice and do our thing and prepare ourselves to get ready to play."

Reid complimented linebacker Derrick Johnson for the way he looked against the Houston Texans.

"I thought he played very well," he said. "He was aggressive, downhill and made a lot of plays."

Reid is eager for the 2015 Arrowhead Stadium crowd debut on Thursday night.

"It's Red Thursday, so how much better does it get than that? There will be a 'couple people' there," Reid joked. "When those 'couple people' are there, they're very loud. It's a great environment for football and we're glad it's our home."

Quarterback Alex Smith

Quarterback Alex Smith was asked how he's handling the short week.

"Try to cram it all in," he said. "Take advantage of your time, be efficient, make the most of the time that you do have. [Thursdays are] not the same. Definitely not, especially this is more different because you only have had one game, really. You have the preseason and then you have the one game to go off of."

Smith said it is a possible advantage to have the Thursday game earlier in the season as opposed to later.

"For sure, I think so," he said. "Much different now I think from a physical and mental standpoint, you probably are fresher than Week 12, when your guys are a little more banged up. You maybe need those couple more days to get ready for Sunday versus having to play on Sunday."

Smith is very impressed with the Denver Broncos defense.

"I think they're really 'veteran.' They all are really well-coached, they all know what they're doing, they're all smart. No one is blowing assignments over there or anything like that. It starts up front. I think they're really good. They have two special edge guys. The guys inside are good as well, so they really get after the passer. You look at the Baltimore game and they were really able to create a lot of problems in the pocket. Then on the back end, they're good as well and smart."

Once the Chiefs left Houston with the win, Smith said the entire Chiefs locker room began getting excited for Thursday night. "The first thing we all were thinking about was coming back here on Thursday and what Arrowhead was going to be like," he said. "We don't take this for granted at all and we know how special a place this is and our fans are. We're so happy to get that W and have this home opener together."

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