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One-on-One with Chiefs GM John Dorsey

The team's second-year GM talks Combine and talent evaluation

The 2014 NFL Scouting Combine wraps up today, inside of Lucas Oil Stadium, where the defensive backs will complete their on-field drills in front of the NFL coaches, scouts and general managers like John Dorsey. Before continuing his player evaluation in Indianapolis, Dorsey carved out some time to meet with our 65 TPT crew, answering four downs worth of questions.

1) What does it mean to you to have one of your guys, Willie Davis, win AFC Scout of the Year?

"It's a tremendous honor. This is an award that symbolizes excellence, long, hard dedication to Willie's craft and it symbolizes his ability to evaluate talent that puts him above all of his peers."

2) Willie Davis and your entire personnel staff are professional talent evaluators; how does being a former player help him?

"Former football players of the National Football League have an intuitive feel that certain people do not have and with that being said, that's an added advantage; so, when you can get somebody like that on your staff, that helps. I think it's the vision of the Hunt family and Clark Hunt and what people don't realize is, Clark understands that, the intuitive part of the ability to evaluate talent, and then when you can go and hire one of your former players and place him into the personnel side of the business, understanding that he can help you gain an advantage, somewhere down the line and I know from an evaluation standpoint, after discussions within our meetings, I rely a lot on Willie's judgment, because nine times out of ten, he's spot on."

3) What is your overall evaluation of the entire 2014 NFL Draft Class?

"It's another sign of the times, larger receivers, who will display the unique ability to have size and speed to play this game. We've always believed that size matters and I think this class is no different from the classes of the last couple years."

4) How do you view the Combine?

"It's a part of the job, but it's not a job, because I love it. It's part of what we do. I don't look at it as anything else, but I'm at the combine and you know what, I have a fiduciary responsibility to the Kansas City Chiefs to make sure I do the best possible job that I can and part of that happens to be, I'm at the combine, and I will not sleep, until this thing gets turned in the right direction."

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