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One on One with De'Anthony Thomas

Hear from the Chiefs fourth-round pick De’Anthony Thomas

In the fourth-round of the 2014 draft, the Chiefs selected University of Oregon RB De'Anthony Thomas. At 5-8, 174-pounds, Thomas holds Oregon records for kickoff return yards (1,885), punt return average (17.13), and he's fourth in career scoring (278 points).

Not only was Thomas outstanding on the football field, he also participated on the university's track and field team. According to, he anchored the 4x100-meter relay that advanced to the 2012 NCAA Championships and ran the sixth-fastest time in school history, 39.89 seconds.

"I think first and foremost he's just an explosive playmaker," Chiefs Area Scout Trey Koziol said. "He's got world‐class speed. He ran track on the Oregon track team up there, which is one of the better programs in the country. He's the all‐time leading punt return average guy in Oregon school history. He's got the most kick return yards in school history. In addition to that, he's averaged over six yards a carry as a running back. I think with his speed, his explosiveness in the open field, I think there's a variety of ways we can find a way to use him on both offense and special teams."

Recently, I sat down with Thomas to discuss his thoughts on working with Jamaal Charles, his expectations on the upcoming season and more.

View photos of the Chiefs fourth round draft pick, running back, De'Anthony Thomas.

R: Take us through the moment when you were drafted by the Chiefs.

D: I was on Catalina Island, just relaxing and all of the sudden my phone rang and I got the call from John Dorsey and Andy Reid. It was very exciting and I'm thrilled to be with the Kansas City Chiefs. I can't wait to start contributing to this team.

R: How excited are you about working with Jamaal Charles?

D: I'm very excited. He's a great player and I'm glad I'll be working with him and learning from him. I want to help him out with making plays, motivate him if I can, I know he'll motivate me and can't wait to start learning from him.

R: Watching the season that Charles and this offense had last year, how pumped are you to now work with Coach Reid and be a part of this offense?

D: I can't wait to get to work and start being a part of this offense. I'm so ready to contribute and be a part of this team. Jamaal had an incredible season and I'm excited to work with him and Coach Reid and see what I can do in the upcoming season.

R: What are your thoughts on working with Coach Toub and being a part of this special teams unit?

D: Special teams is one of my biggest threats out on the field. I believe that special teams can change the game, it can win games and I feel like I'm that game changer on special teams.

R: What makes you so passionate about this game?

D: I feel like I'm an entertainer on the football field and I just love to make the crowd make noise. I just love making plays and I have a passion for this game.

R: Rookie Mini Camp is right around the corner, what will it mean to you to put on that Chiefs uniform and join your new team?

D: I'm really excited to wear that Chiefs jersey. I'm kind of upset since I left as a junior, so I can't come as early, but I'm just going to wait patiently and when it's my time to come back and work, I'm going to be ready for it.

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