Patrick Mahomes Donates New Cleats To His High School

And they’re the same ones he wears on Sunday

Shoe boxes slowly started trickling in, five here and ten there.

And by October 12, enough shoe boxes had arrived for not only Whitehouse High School's varsity football team, but the junior varsity and freshmen team too.

Chiefs' rookie first-round pick and the former Whitehouse HS quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, had donated new cleats for his entire high school football program.

"For me, it was important to honor Patrick [Mahomes] in the way that I gave those out," Whitehouse head coach Adam Cook said. "I didn't want to give out five of 25 shoes when I don't have all of them because I know Patrick's heart and what he wanted to do there."

Cook knew the shoes weren't just meant for the starters, they were for everyone.

"He wanted to do the cleats because he wanted all the guys to have the best cleats you can buy," Whitehouse head coach Adam Cook said. "It's a pretty special thing for those young men and what he gave back to us."

For Mahomes, it was also what the shoe represents.

"I just remembered when I got to 7th and 8th grade, they kind of had team shoes," Mahomes said. "I remember some people were getting expensive shoes and some people were just getting the regular school shoes, but a team shoe shows one team."

And so it was easy to know how he wanted to give back to his team.

"It's a team shoe and a nice shoe," Mahomes said. "And for kids who may not have the money to go out and buy the $100 cleats, they can get a pair of cleats and have something they can call their own while at the same time be unified."

When putting in the shoe order, Mahomes and Coach Cook made sure every size was taken care of all the way up to size 17.

Cook said a freshman player's mom had contacted him earlier in the summer because she couldn't find any size seventeen cleats except a pair of red ones and the team is maroon and white.

"Now he has a pair," Cook said. "I added that number on the order because Patrick [Mahomes] wanted that boy to have some maroon white shoes."

And the shoes made their debut under the lights the same day that freshman received them.

"He found me the next day and said, 'Coach, those shoes fit great,'" Cook said. "So everyone is very grateful for what he's done for us."

But this isn't the first time Mahomes has given Cook something.

It was Mahomes junior year of high school and Cook was still the offensive coordinator when they won their first game of the season.

"The very first win we got was against Hallsville and at the end of the game, Patrick took one of the balls from the game and presented it to me in front of the whole team," Cook said.

The win wasn't the main reason Mahomes decided to present him with a game ball though.

"He was someone who was a mentor to me in high school," Mahomes said. "He was more than football coach, he was a better man, someone that could help and talk to me no matter what the situation was."

And Mahomes never forgets where he comes from.

"Wherever I go I have a ton of pride in, high school, college, here now in Kansas City," Mahomes said. "I always have a ton of pride of the people around me, the people who come out and support us each week and I always want to give back and do whatever I can to help out for places I've been and the people who have supported me all the way through."

For Cook, it's not that he donated the shoes, but the memories he's given him.

"That's what Patrick gave me," Cook said. "You can't put a dollar amount on anything like that. The experience and watching him play on the field, and the way that kids' believed in him, I just can't explain it."

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