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Patrick Mahomes on the Postseason: "Everyone is Pumped Up and We're Ready to Go"

Head Coach Andy Reid, quarterback Patrick Mahomes and linebacker Dee Ford met with the media on Monday afternoon

Kansas City Chiefs' Head Coach Andy Reid, quarterback Patrick Mahomes and linebacker Dee Ford met with the media on Monday afternoon.

Here are five things that stood out.

Head Coach Andy Reid

1. What advice do you give Patrick Mahomes for his first playoff game?

REID: "Everything is a little faster in the playoffs, that's how things go. At the same time, he has to be himself and continue to lead and play like he has been doing. I don't think he will have a problem with that. I think he understands that. He is wired the right way to handle all of it. The main thing is, let's get in and get busy so you can allow yourself to perform at the level you have been and also continue to get better each and every week that you have that opportunity to."

2. Do you anticipate staying with the same lineup in the secondary?

REID: "We have some flexibility there. I'll tell you, [Charvarius] Ward, I thought he did a nice job yesterday. Some of the things we talked about. Just challenging him, stripping the ball, working up through the ball. The things that are important as a cornerback, I thought he took a step forward. That was good to see. He played physical. I thought the other guys did a nice job, too. Dan [Sorensen] had a huge play for us. That was big."

Quarterback Patrick Mahomes

3. What did you feel when Justin [Houston] spoke to the team in the locker room about expectations for the postseason after the win last night?

MAHOMES: "I think we feel that. You feel that in the locker room. You feel that from the leaders of this team. We know it's going to take full effort the whole entire way. You can't be satisfied with just being here, we want to capitalize on the opportunity to be here and having the number one seed, so we are excited for the opportunity. We really are. Everyone is pumped up and we are ready to go."

4. Can you still enjoy watching a football game without rewinding and dissecting the plays?

MAHOMES: "Yeah, I mean I think it's even more fun to watch football games now because I understand what's going on. It's kind of like when you see [Tony] Romo calling the plays before they happen, I can see that stuff. It's more fun now that I understand why quarterbacks are doing things on the field and being able to have that understanding makes it a lot more fun to watch."

Linebacker Dee Ford

5. Do you sense a confidence level growing after last week?

FORD: "Yeah, especially when you have games like this where we show what we can do. Yeah, that gives you a lot of confidence and you're going to need it. We call it, 'athletic arrogance.' You need it. You need to go out and know what you can do and put in the work first and then have the confidence to go out and do it."