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Phase Three OTAs Day Three Recap

View press conferences and photos from day three of phase three OTAs

Head Coach Andy Reid

OPENING STATEMENT: "With the injuries: Eric Fisher is doing our group install stuff where we don't have full contact. He's making good improvements. A.J. Jenkins has a bit of a hamstring today. He should be good down the road. (Risean) Broussard hyperextended his knee and is making progress. (Travis) Kelce is making progress coming off the knee surgeries. He started to run outside and doing some things. He hasn't been out here in any of the practices. Kyle Williams is recovering from the ACL. It's good to get everybody out here and be able to put on our helmets and move around a little bit, go offense vs. defense and get some work there against each other's scheme. I appreciate the effort by the guys. I thought they did a nice job with it, worked hard. What they'll do is they'll have tomorrow off, and then they'll come back Monday for a non-OTA day. Then we hit it again Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday – three practices next week and again off on Friday."

Q: What are your thoughts on Brandon Flowers and Justin Houston not being here?

REID: "I've been around this a long time. I understand the business side. These are voluntary. I got it. That's not a distraction. We just focus on the guys and coach the guys that are here, and these guys are working their tails off."

Q: Are both of them not here by choice or were either of them told to not come?

REID: "No, they weren't told not to come."

Q: Is there a timetable as to when Travis Kelce will be back out at practice?

REID: "We just have to see, we'll just see how it goes as we hit June. We'll see how he's feeling."

Q: What about Fisher?

REID: "Fisher will probably be training camp where he can actually jam and hit somebody. That's what you can't do right now. They don't want him to do that. He's doing everything else working his feet."

Q: Why did you bring Joe McKnight here after being out of football in 2013?

REID: "Really, Eric Bieniemy knew about him from his college days when Eric was coaching at that level at that time. Really we felt strong about bringing him here. John (Dorsey) was all onboard with it. He's got good pass-receiving ability and is a good runner. Whatever happened, happened. He's sure doing a nice job here right now, so we're excited about it."

Q: So you don't have any concerns about any issues from last offseason?

REID: "We did our homework on it. We felt good bringing him here."

Q: What attracted you to DeMarcus Van Dyke? 

REID: "He's got tremendous speed is what he has, was a good player in college. He's had some ups and downs in the National Football League, but we're bringing him in for competition. Give him an opportunity to see how it works in this scheme where we do a little bit more bump and run than maybe what he's used to, maybe. We believe that's one of his strengths, though. We'll give him a chance here."

Q: How about his cousin, David Van Dyke? What do you like about him?

REID: "It seems like he's a tough kid. He had been a safety, we moved him to corner. He's made that transition, what it looks like, pretty well. He needs as many reps as he possibly can get just to make that transition. He's getting the feel of it."

Q: It's pretty rare to have two family members competing for maybe the same spot?

REID: "Yeah, we'll see. It's good competition."

Q: Where do you stand with the Alex Smith contact talk?

REID: "I said what I said before. Alex has said it. Dorse (John Dorsey) said it. As long as their working at it, then that's all good. I think there's enough said on it. I don't think he's concerned and we're not. I'm sure it will get worked out down the road."

Q: But there is no real deadline, right, because there is still a year left and you can put a franchise tag on him next year?

REID: "Yeah, all of those things are true. As long as they're communicating and working through it, that's all we want to make sure is going on."

Q: Do you anticipate Justin Houston and Brandon Flowers coming to mandatory camp?

REID:"Listen, I don't even get into that. Everybody has the dates. They know. Everybody knows the rules. Honestly, that's not where I put my focus. I've got a lot of guys that are here trying to make this football team and that's where you have to put your [focus]. When you're coaching that part, that's how I go. That's how we roll."

Q: What separates the crossover basketball players from the ones that make it and the ones that don't?

REID:"Not that the NBA isn't physical, I mean basketball is physical. But now you're throwing a helmet on and we're asking you to knock each other around a little bit. Nobody is blowing in anybody's ear out here. My guy LeBron (James), man, I'm glad he just held it. LeBron was heck of a football player at one time, I mean, that was close to a forearm shiver distance right there. I'm glad he held back on him."

Q: How do you measure progress during OTAs?

REID:"I've seen the improvement. It's really coming now that they're able to not work against air, but work against an actual offense and defense. Then special teams is the same way. The guys were running out and going versus air, so now you get to see them make adjustments and that's where I've seen the improvement over the three days. It's not a matter of knowing what they're doing route-wise, it's just being able to make the adjustments against the different looks, whether it's from a defensive standpoint or an offensive standpoint."

Q: If LeBron James wanted to play football would you take a shot at him?

REID:"Oh yeah. LeBron is my guy, man. I like LeBron. He's alright. Tough kid."

Q: How do you feel about the NFL recently committing a large sum of money to youth safety?

REID:"I think it's awesome, absolutely awesome. I mean they're taking steps forward, trying to make it even a greater sport than it already is. The youth – I mean that's where it all starts right? The youth are coming back to play the game and we love that. Absolutely love that. More power to them. All of those studies and the technology, everything that's going on, I'm all for it."

Q: Have you noticed the physical development of Demetrius Harris?

REID:"Oh absolutely. First of all, he did a great job in the weight room. He and Barry (Rubin) became one there. They joined hips there and started working that son-of-a-gun to where he felt strong and so far he's been able to transfer that on the field which is a good thing. Now, it's not live, so we have to see that part of it as we go."

Q: A lot of guys got dieticians and worked out differently in the offseason. Was that something you forced on them or was that voluntary?

REID:"I think that's where the game is going. I mean these guys understand that their body is their livelihood and that's what's going to make them a living for X number of years that they get to do this, so why not take full advantage of that. Between Rick (Burkholder) and Barry (Rubin), they do a great job of talking to the players about that and we've got a couple of nutritionists on board that help us with that too. It's a joint effort. Most of all, the player has to want to do that and we've got a lot of them that do."

Q: What about Weston Dressler?

REID:"I like his quickness and I like him in the slot. He's got great quickness there. That's what he played in Canada, he played in that area. You can see he's got a real feel in there and good quickness that goes with it."

Q: Have you ever kept four quarterbacks in the regular season?

REID:"You know, I don't remember that. You'd have to go back and look at it. I want to say three, but there might have been a time where we kept four."

Q: Philosophically, do you have any thoughts on that?

REID:"If they're one of the best ones, then we're going for it."

Q: Are each of them going to have enough snaps at camp to make a decision?

REID:"Yeah, we'll be alright."

Phase Three OTAs Day Three Photos

The Kansas City Chiefs continue OTAs on Thursday.

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