Polling the Experts: Which Prospect Would You Least Like to Face in Five Years?

Asking five of the top NFL Draft experts who they’d least like to face down the road

Some rookies are ready to contribute from day one, like the Kansas City Chiefs saw last year with cornerback Marcus Peters, who went on to win the NFL's Defensive Rookie of the Year Award after a stellar first season.

Peters was excellent from the first time he stepped on the field, but this isn't normally the case. Most players take a little time before they make the kind of impact Peters did as a rookie.

With the NFL Scouting Combine taking place this week in Indianapolis, a lot of the talk has revolved around prospects like Peters who could make an immediate impact for their respective NFL teams, but what about projecting these players down the road?

We asked five of the top NFL Draft experts out there which players they'd least like to face five years from now, plus a player or two that they might be higher on than others.

Here's what they had to say:

Which defensive player would you least want to face as an opposing coordinator five years from now?

Daniel Jeremiah – NFL Network – "I'd probably say (linebacker) Myles Jack from UCLA because he can play anywhere, and I mean anywhere. He can play inside linebacker, outside linebacker, either front. I've seen games where he's played the nickel at 240 pounds and he's running with wide receivers all over the field. He played some safety. You want him to rush off the edge? No problem. To me, that's just a valuable chess piece. You never going to know where he's going to line up and if he gets with a creative defensive coordinator, he can be a real pain in the butt to play against."

Charles Davis – NFL Network– "I'm going to go with (cornerback) Vernon Hargreaves from Florida. I think he's going to develop into a big time cornerback."

Matt Miller – Bleacher Report – "I would say (Florida State cornerback) Jalen Ramsey. Just because, all the things he can do as a corner, as a safety, as a nickel corner, he's a freak athletically. I think he's the best player in this draft class. He would be the guy I wouldn't want to face."

Dane Brugler - CBS Sports (NFLDraftScout.com) – "I'd probably say [Jalen] Ramsey. Hybrid safety, corner, nickel. I don't care what position you play him at. He's a playmaker. If you combine a safety, a linebacker, and a corner into one prospect, I think it would look something like Ramsey. His ball skill, his nose for the ball, a reliable tackler. He's also a gunner on special teams. His athleticism with that length and that size. His instincts. He's going to be a player in this league for a long time."

Todd McShay – ESPN (Scouts Inc.) – "(Ohio State's) Joey Bosa is the guy I'd least want to face, especially on passing downs. If you put him on an island, just the way he uses his hands, the torso flexibility he has. He may not run the fastest 40 or those sorts of things. He was double-teamed, triple-teamed constantly and still very productive and even more disruptive this past year."

Which offensive player would you least want to face as an opposing coordinator five years from now?

Daniel Jeremiah – NFL Network –"I don't want to play against (Ohio State running back) Ezekiel Elliot. I don't care what people say about the devaluing of that position. This is somebody that can catch the ball out of the backfield. He can run with power between the tackles, and he has the speed on the perimeter to go the distance. He's going to be a guy that people aren't going to look forward to playing."

Charles Davis – NFL Network– "I'm going to go off the charts a little bit, (receiver) Tyler Boyd from the University of Pittsburgh. I really like him as a player."

Matt Miller – Bleacher Report –"I would still say (California quarterback) Jared Goff. I think his ceiling is super, super high. He's so smart as a quarterback already, so once you acclimate him to an NFL system, five years down the road, we could be talking about one of the smartest quarterbacks in the NFL. He's a guy I don't want to see on the other side of the field."

Dane Brugler – CBS Sports (NFLDraftScout.com) – "I'd have to say [Ezekiel] Elliot. I can make an easy argument that he's the best player in this draft. He'll make the biggest impact in this draft. Not only right away as a rookie, because I think he will, but also we're talking five years from now, he'll be one of the best in this draft class. He's not as physically talented as Gurley, but he's so well rounded. It's hard to find weaknesses to his game. That's as a rusher, receiver, and a blocker—he's the total package."

Todd McShay – ESPN (Scouts Inc.) – "Ezekiel Elliott. He's not the fastest we've seen at running back, and he doesn't break as many tackles as maybe you'd for as an elite running back, but you combine his running skills and the ability to make guys miss in the hole, he's as good as a running back we've seen in a long time without the ball in his hands. Best run blocking, not that it's very important in the NFL, but the best run blocking running back I've ever watched. Very good pass protector, and he has sensational hands, which we didn't see his first year because he had a wrist injury. He's a guy, especially late in games, he just wears you down. I think that there's a lot to Ezekiel Elliott and I think if he runs well here, there's a chance he's a top-10 pick."

Which player(s) do you like that might not be getting enough buzz right now (sleeper)?

Daniel Jeremiah – NFL Network –"Well I'm going to be called a homer because I went to school there but (defensive lineman) Ronald Blair from Appalachian State. He's got a lot of production and doesn't have that ideal build. He's got that boxy build, but he's somebody with coming off the edge, he converts speed to power and plays with a big time motor. And with those concerned about the level of competition, first off, we're Division I now, but they played Clemson and last I checked, they're a pretty good football program. [Blair] had two sacks in that game. So when he's had the opportunity to step up in competition, he's delivered."

Matt Miller – Bleacher Report –"I really like (running back) Kenneth Dixon from Louisiana Tech. Just a good all-around player. A three-down running back. Those are harder to find these days. He comes from a system that produced a ton between the tackles. He can play outside tackle. I think I'm pretty high on him. I think I'm pretty high on Harlan Miller from Southeast Louisiana, too. I think he could be a day two pick. I don't know if he's getting enough buzz as he needs right now. He's definitely one of those diamonds in the rough type guys."

Dane Brugler – CBS Sports (NFLDraftScout.com) – "I'd said [Ronald] Blair from Appalachian State. I was really, really, impressed by his tape. Blown away. Put him on against Clemson and he's tearing through blocks. They can't block him. He's not that guy that's going to screen off the edge and be that Von Miller type, but he'll go through you. He has that power. He has that get off. And never shuts him down. College blockers had a tough time blocking him, and I think it's going to be the same thing at the NFL level. Second, third round, I think Blair can end up being a steal."

Todd McShay – ESPN (Scouts Inc.) – "You know, I was just watching (Texas A&M offensive tackle) Germain Ifedi. He played guard early in his career. Played a little bit of left tackle but mostly right tackle this past year. He's outstanding in pass protection. He's got balance, long arms, they're always in a two-point stance, they don't fire out and run block a lot but, I think as a second round pick, if he's there, he could wind up being of value."

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