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RB Jamaal Charles Plays Professor in New Online Comedy Series

In connection with Lenovo, the Chiefs all-time leading rusher depicts an educator at the “Fantasy Online College”


Kansas City Chiefs fans are well aware that Jamaal Charles can run. He's the all-time franchise leader in yards rushing.

But apparently, he can also teach.

In a new YouTube series entitled "Fantasy Online College," NFL partner Lenovo has plucked some of the league's biggest stars, including Charles, Eric Decker, Matt Forte, Pierre Garcon, Eddie Lacy, DeMarco Murray and Demaryius Thomas to play college professors, all led by the chancellor—actor and comedian J.B. Smoove.

In the first video of the series (seen in the tweet above), titled "Recruitment," Charles is listed by his own name, naturally teaching a course called Advanced Velocity and Acceleration Studies.

On his own bio page, which can be found here, Charles, a chief lecturer, says that he teaches "breaking the laws of physics."

The full biography:

Dr. Charles' coursework is perhaps the hardest to tackle at FOC. The old saying is "No one gets two 'As' in Jamaal's class," and he'll make you look and feel like a fool. Charles is in charge of teaching classic literature, having inserted himself into the canon for his 2011 breakout work in the field of peaking during championship week. Expect to study the classics. There will be additional "Fantasy Online College" videos posted this season, along with giveaways related to the series.

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