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Reid and Reid: 5 Questions with the Coach

Coach Reid describes the effect Chiefs fans can have on today's game


Kansas City Chiefs Head Coach Andy Reid was introduced as the club's 13th coach in franchise history on January 7, 2013. More than 10 months later, he's led his team to a 9-2 start and today faces another AFC West rival, the Denver Broncos. Entering Week 13, Coach Reid joined me for the second edition of Reid and Reid: 5 questions with the Coach.

1)    Headset and coaching title aside, when you see your guys go down to injury, what as a father-figure are you telling them as they're helped off the field and/or trying to come back as fast as possible?

"I don't want to see any of the players get hurt on either team. I always want the best guys on both sides playing. Unfortunately, injuries are a part of this business, so, there is an immediate concern for the players' health and you feel for them."

2)    We've seen some of your outstanding post-game speeches; can you give fans an idea of what you say to the team, before it takes the field?

"Well, I'm not a huge pre-game speech guy. I think you get most of that done during the week. You want to make sure the players are, as hyped up as they get, still aware of the substitutions and calls, making those nice and loud and clear, the things that are directly going to affect the game. I'm not much of a rah-rah pre-game speech guy. As excited as we all are, I think that kind of takes care of itself."

3)    What can Chiefs fans do to help your team against Denver?

"When the Bronco offense is out there, just keep being them, loud, loud, loud; it is a factor, an absolute factor."

4)    What is the food that you enjoyed eating most on Thanksgiving Day?

"Well, I ate everything; the thing I ate most of was turkey and stuffing. I ate so much turkey that I thought I was going to sprout some feathers, the next morning, but I didn't."

5)    During this Thanksgiving holiday, what is something you're thankful for?

"I'm always thankful for family. I'm thankful for the opportunity to work with these young guys, here; it's a great group, and for the opportunity to be in Kansas City. There are a lot of things to be thankful for; I keep family up there first, like a lot of us do."

If you have any questions for next week's interview with Coach Reid, tweet me @KCChiefs_Reid.

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