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Reid Believes Leadership, Organizational Philosophy Will Help Chiefs Move Forward

From the top down, Chiefs coach Andy Reid praises what’s going on in Chiefs Kingdom

With 20 regular season wins over the past two seasons, Kansas City Chiefs coach Andy Reid became the winningest coach in his first two years at the helm in franchise history.

But according to Reid, that success was thanks in large part to the leadership at the top of the organization. 

"I think we have great leadership starting with Chairman and CEO Clark Hunt," Reid said. "He gave us an opportunity to do what we do best as players and coaches. That's a positive. Kansas City is very lucky to have the leadership they have in that position."


Also praising the staff of coaches he's put together, Reid continued on with what he believes is the key to finding the success everyone is working towards.

"We have a phenomenal organization here, people who want to work together that are willing to check their ego," Reid said. "That's a beautiful thing. In a tug-of-war, they are all trying to pull that rope in the same direction, which sure helps."

The willingness to check their ego and work together is never more evident than in the offseason, where Reid, Dorsey and their staff are tasked with improving the Chiefs roster.

During the offseason, that means getting together for draft preparation events coming up like the Shrine Game, Senior Bowl and scouting combine, among others.

Over the past two seasons, the Chiefs have spent their first-round picks on players who stood out during Senior Bowl week, Eric Fisher (2013) and Dee Ford (2014).

Photos of Clark Hunt, John Dorsey and Andy Reid.

While the process of selecting these players goes well beyond one week of practice, Dorsey leans on his staff of scouts and personnel guys who have been watching and following these players, in some cases, for years.

While often seen as the frontward facing leader of the personnel decisions, Dorsey understands the role his staff plays and the success it has had as a group at bringing in players.

"You try to surround yourself with as many good evaluators as you possibly can," Dorsey said. "I think we've done that and we will continue to do that. That's part of the process. "It's our job to teach and learn as we move forward."

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