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Reid pleased with physical OL play

Coach Reid spoke with the media on Friday morning and talked about what he saw from the offensive line against the Bengals

Any time you start a game off with a seven-yard run and a pancake block, an offensive-line aficionado at head coach is going to feel good about it.

When Chiefs head coach Andy Reid talked with the media on Friday morning, he spoke well of the offensive line's physicality after breaking down the film.

"I thought in general the offensive line actually did a nice job," Reid said. "For evaluating, it is hard to tell during the game but I thought they played physical football."

One of the big storylines throughout training camp has been the switch to left tackle for the former No. 1 pick Eric Fisher, who played on the right side last season.

It didn't take long for Fisher, who moved back to his "natural" position of left tackle, to make his presence known to the defensive line of the Bengals, particularly the defensive end.


**"I thought he came out and played physical," Reid said. "I think he looked like a good player, my goodness, he put the defensive end right on his back. And he's got to accept that aggressive play all the way through. Was it always the same? No. I mean we got to work some hand-placement, but I thought for the most part he really did a nice job."

Fisher joins a line that's led by fourth-year center Rodney Hudson, along with third-year players Jeff Allen and Donald Stephenson.

As this group will likely be the youngest offensive line in the NFL for the second consecutive season, the leadership of those three veteran players will be crucial in the development of the entire offense.

One thing we've learned about the skillset needed to play offensive line in Reid's system is the ability to get out and move in space.

This video clip shows both Ryan McKee (right tackle, #66) and Eric Kush (center, #64) getting out in front of Knile Davis and helping with the 11-yard run.



Regardless if it's the first-team offensive line or not, the expectation for the ability needed to play in this system does not change.

Meanwhile, on the Chiefs opening drive on Thursday night, running back Jamaal Charles was stopped short on a 3rd-and-2 running play to the right side.

Reid talked about the Chiefs opening drive.

"We can do better," Reid said. "The first series was a three-and-out, which I'm not real big on, so we can do a better job with that."

When asked specifically about the third-down play, Reid explained what happened.

"On that one we missed, we weren't able to stay on two of our blocks, one by a receiver and one by a lineman" Reid said. "So that's what happened there, we just have to secure that up."

The lone rookie to start for the Chiefs on the offensive side of the ball was right guard Zach Fulton, who earned the starting position with his play at training camp over the past couple of weeks.

"I thought Zach did a nice job," Reid said. "I always look to see where those guys stay, [where] they maintain their blocks and then how they look at the second level at the guard position; how they can sustain blocks against linebackers. I thought he did a pretty good job. There's a couple things he has to work on and get better at but I thought for the most part, he played a good, physical game in there."

This young group will get back to work in St. Joseph, Missouri at training camp before heading to Charlotte, North Carolina next week to take on the Carolina Panthers.

Best photos of the Chiefs offensive linemen from Training Camp.

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