Roger Goodell on Kansas City: "They could do a great job with the draft"

KC looks to be a possible destination for the NFL Draft in the near future


NFL commissioner Roger Goodell attended Kansas City's annual fantasy camp on Friday afternoon, and after participating in a question-and-answer panel, took the time to answer questions from the local Kansas City media.

As it always does, the question of whether or not Arrowhead Stadium could host a Super Bowl, or whether the city could host the NFL Draft came up.

"In both these cases, Super Bowl and the draft, the broad point is that there's a tremendous amount of interest in all communities to host it," Goodell said. "It has a tremendous platform, so that it gives exposure to communities, but the events become much bigger than it ever has, and it takes more infrastructure.

"Even our draft recently in Philadelphia, it set a new standard. It created a new event. 250,000 people. I think you'd see the same kind of passion here in Kansas City."

After the NFL Draft was held in New York City from 1965 to 2014, the league moved its venue to Chicago for 2015 and 2016, and most recently Philadelphia for the 2017 NFL Draft.

Goodell stated that he believed Kansas City would do a "great job with the draft" on Friday.


"It's not about big markets," Goodell added. "To me, it's about passion. It's about passion and having your own experience for the draft that's going to reflect on this community and football. They're going to be different. Chicago was different from Philadelphia. Kansas City will be different from either one of those. Market size is not the determining factor."

That is good news for Kansas City, which currently ranks 33rd in market size, according to the 2017 DMA rankings.

If a league-wide event like the draft was to come to Kansas City, the players would certainly be in support.

"I think it would be awesome," wide receiver Chris Conley, who was also on the fantasy camp panel, said. "I'm not from Kansas City, but I feel like I've been welcomed here. I think it is such a unique city that has so much to offer that the world and the country don't know about.

"I think that getting a Super Bowl here or a draft here, the more events and the more people that can come through here, the more eyes that are on the city, I think it will just be a huge benefit to the people who are here. I think everyone will fall in love with it the way that I have."

If you are a fan of the Chiefs, it would be hard to argue with that.

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