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Seven Things We Learned on the Kingdom Radio Show with Mitch Holthus

Mitch Holthus held his weekly radio show on 810 WHB Sports Radio in Kansas City with a special guest

"Voice of the Chiefs" Mitch Holthus hosted his weekly **Chiefs Kingdom Radio Show**, which can be locally heard on Sports Radio 810 WHB, on Monday night with special guest, Kansas City Chiefs President Mark Donovan.

Here are a few highlights from the show:


For the first time in NFL history, more than 1,000 players will be released on the same day after the conclusion of preseason games Thursday.

And teams will be looking at the Chiefs.

"Yeah, I don't think anyone really knows how it's going to work. I've talked to Brett [Veach] and the team and they've got a really good plan of what they're going to do, but it's new for everyone," Donovan said.

"The good news with our team, in terms of talking with Brett, is the talent level we have. You think back four or five years ago and that day was really important to us. We were looking to see who else we could add to the roster from the other teams' cuts, and we've evolved as an organization and football team so much, that we're one of those teams other teams are looking at to see 'okay, who are they going to have to cut because they have so many good players there's going to be some good guys left,'" Donovan said.

*"At the same time, Brett is obviously already working and doing everything you do need to do to be prepared. Like the move he made yesterday with Reggie [Ragland]. That's looking at your team, looking at where you think you can get better and looking what's out there. Brett can talk about it better than I can, but you're talking about a guy who was one of the top linebackers in the country for one of the best programs in the country." *–Mark Donovan


The last preseason game for the Chiefs is against the Titans on Thursday night, and it's also the last chance for players to secure a spot on the roster.

"This Thursday is a great opportunity. You know you mention that all the cuts are going to happen after that game, well it also creates an opportunity for players who wouldn't typically be on NFL rosters to get a chance to earn a job," Donovan said.

"You saw it at training camp. For anybody who was at training camp, the most intriguing things for me when I'm watching training camp is the perspective of 90 plus guys who are trying to create a career for themselves and they're doing it from their performance they have on the field that day, that rep, that effort is really going to pay off," Donovan said.


Photos of Spencer Ware

"Now you're taking a game where both rosters are expanded, so you're going to see guys who you typically wouldn't see and you may see that breakout guy like Spencer [Ware] in Arizona three or four years ago. He broke out and he really woke us up to we got to find an opportunity to keep this guy. So that's a great opportunity for Thursday night to where we're excited to see some of those young guys make some plays and hopefully earn a position."* – Mark Donovan


By this point, everyone remembers De'Anthony Thomas—aka the guy who returned for 95-yards to score the only touchdown against Seattle last Friday night.

*"He's a talented kid. He brings a lot of energy to the team, doesn't he? You've seen him around practice, you've seen him around the facility, and you've seen him before and after games. Coach [Reid] talks a lot about energy givers—DAT's an energy giver. He keeps it fun, he keeps it light. He's a talent. When you think of a guy like De'Anthony, you think of Coach Reid. He gets a player like that with that certain skill set and there's so many ways you can go with it. Credit to DAT for sticking with it, getting through some tough times and finding a role." *– Mark Donovan


Game day at Arrowhead Stadium was already pretty cool, right? Most of that special experience is because of the fans. Now picture some little renovations to make the experience better—like the locker room club—where fans can drink and be merry while watching the team head to the field before the game and then leave after with their families.

The Kansas City Chiefs unveil the Bud Light Locker Room Club.

"We take a lot of pride in the experience we deliver and what we're known for. You've heard me say this before, I got the good fortune of working for the National Football League before working for the Eagles and then working here. I don't think fans from Kansas City appreciate how the experience at Arrowhead is famous worldwide," Donovan said.

*"People come to Kansas City—it's a bucket list item. It's something that they hear about, it's something that they learn about and they all want to experience it. You've seen it in the parking lot with fans from the other teams who show up and that's because of our fans. That's because of what they do every Sunday to make Arrowhead special. What we do on the operation side is try to listen, really evaluate everything we do and try to figure out ways we can make it better. We take a lot of pride in that." *– Mark Donovan


Has a nice ring to it. Well, Arrowhead is working its way to being the happiest place on Earth.

"This offseason we engaged with the Disney Institution and we took a group of about 30 of our lead employees on the operation side and sent them to Orlando. We spent three days in real intense meeting rooms and conference rooms to figure out exactly what we could do at Arrowhead that would leverage the strength of what Disney does best: the experience," Donovan said.

*"Then we brought that back and trained our entire event staff. I spoke to 850 employees who work for us on game day and talked about the importance of the Arrowhead experience and the pride they should have in being a part of that. So our fans will see a little bit of the Disney touch at Arrowhead this year and it's a way for us to number one, compliment Disney because they're really good at this, but also number two Arrowhead is special and we've got to continue to make it special." *– Mark Donovan


The Chiefs have been coming to Missouri Western State University since 2010. This location allows the team to get away, but still close enough for fans to be a part of the experience and help the team through the dog-days of summer.

Chiefs Season Ticket Members were invited to attend a pancake breakfast prior to practice.

"It's a great environment. I think what I noticed the most this year was the comradery amongst players and coaches. There's a comfort level because they've all been there, they all know what to expect, they all know what's coming and they all know how important it is. You heard it from Brett, you heard it from Coach [Reid] and you've probably heard it from players that the ability to go away and to just be together for that entire time, work on the same things, and when I say be together I mean 24/7. You're living in a dorm together, going to meetings and either practicing, eating or working out, and that creates a bond that pays off," Donovan said.

*"We're big believers in going away for camp. It's really valuable to us. Our fans showing up there matter. Coach talks about it every time and I hope people actually hear what he says. It creates a better practice for us and it makes us better." *–Mark Donovan


The Chiefs kickoff one of their league-high six primetime appearances against the Patriots September 7th. The number six should have stood out there because that's the max a team can have in a season.

"This says a lot about our brand, it says a lot about our fans, it says a lot about our team and it says a lot about how we've built this over the last few years. It's a real compliment from the league to us to put us on that many national games," Donovan said.

*"Most important to me, again I talk about the perspective if you don't get away from Kansas City, I would tell you there are people in New York who truly understand the value of Arrowhead at night. I preached that my first few years here, you've got to put us on primetime at home, this is a spectacle that really grows the National Football League brand. To have three of those six be at home, it is very cool, it's a great advantage for us from a competitive stand point and it's something we've worked really hard for." *–Mark Donovan


He's the Chiefs' President, but he also used to be a playmaker.

*"You know him as the President, but this is an old college quarterback, I shouldn't say old so this is a former college quarterback, for Brown. He played in the Ivy League and you were in the New York Giants camp, so you've lived this and you've done this, which is unique to have your perspective be our President." *–Mitch Holthus

Missed out this week? Don't make that mistake again! Head over to the HyVee on 135th Street in Overland Park on Monday September, 4th to catch what Mitch and former Chiefs wide receiver Danan Hughes have to say before the Chiefs take on the Patriots.

Click here or look below to find out which HyVee location Holthus and his special guests will be at rest of the season, or listen live with Sports Radio 810 WHB every Monday 6 p.m.-7 p.m.

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