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Snapshot: Chiefs Moving in Right Direction

Reviewing some of the team's offseason moves


What does Alex Smith bring to the table?

It can be assumed that he is a very high-character individual, after the way he handled losing the starting QB role in San Francisco this year to Colin Kaepernick.

I think many people would've understood, had Smith been very vocal with his displeasure of 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh's decision to switch QBs mid-year. Yet he did not. He very calmly talked of his displeasure with the decision, but never more than that.

He then simply went about his business as a true pro, preparing each and every week as if he might play, doing nothing to divide his 49ers team that would eventually make it to Super Bowl XLVII.

Remember, Alex Smith was completing 70% of his passes in 2012 and had led the team to a 13-3 record and the NFC Championship Game in 2011, completing 61% of his passes for 3,144 yds. Couple that with his 17 TDs in 2011, to only 5 INTs, and you normally don't have a story line of getting benched in favor of a somewhat-untested second-year QB.

But that is the NFL, which in this case stood for 'Not For Long' and where the only constant, is change.  

So what does this mean?

Chiefs QB Situation

Certainly, the first thing that comes to mind is, the Chiefs have a new starting QB. While Matt Cassel is still officially a member of the team, his contract for 2013 is that of a starting QB; that likely needs to be renegotiated to a lower level or he could simply be let go. There is probably a case for either scenario.  

The 2013 NFL Draft

The trade for Alex Smith greatly affects the Chiefs and their decision with the overall #1 pick, come April 25th.

Many draft "experts" did not see a QB worthy of the top pick and this would seem to suggest that Chiefs general manager John Dorsey and head coach Andy Reid are in agreement. Having already put their mark on the Chiefs, with the release of veterans Steve Breaston and Kevin Boss, almost a month ago, the signing of Smith certainly will be viewed as a bold move by the Chiefs, for both the present and future.

Couple that with the most recent moves, releasing right tackle Eric Winston, while signing WR Dwayne Bowe to a long-term contract and placing the franchise tag on left tackle Branden Albert, it becomes very clear that due diligence has been done and there is a plan in place.

Just days ago, many thought a left tackle was a lock for the first pick; Albert was franchised and that thought diminished. Winston was released and again, the left tackle talk began.

The Chiefs plan is being kept close to their vest.

I love this, as it doesn't tip their hat, as to where they are going, something that 31 other teams would prefer to know. A lot has happened in the offseason and since it's only March 13th, there is certainly more to come, as the Chiefs embark on a new era.

I am very excited at the change and new direction of our Kansas City Chiefs, in 2013 and beyond.

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