Social Recap: Joe Montana Congratulates Alex Smith

A roundup of the past few days in Chiefs social media

Eric Stonestreet traveled to Houston to watch his Chiefs live and in the flesh.

A former 49ers-quarterback-turned-Chiefs-quarterback congratulated a fellow 49ers-quarterback-turned-Chiefs-quarterback.

David Koechner's Chiefs fanhood is something he clearly made sure to pass on to his children.

Dontari Poe had a few words after the victory.

Rob Riggle is not afraid to use an exclamation point when talking about his Chiefs.

Pro golfer Hunter Mahan makes bold statements when he wants.

The former Chiefs long snapper believes the Chiefs have the force on their side.

Richard Christy of the "Howard Stern Show" enjoyed celebrating the Chiefs win in New York.

Melissa Etheridge may need to delay the start of her concert Saturday.

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