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Sporting News Calls "65 Toss Power Trap" the Most Iconic Play in Chiefs History

The play won the Chiefs Super Bowl IV in 1970


Sporting News has named each NFL team's most iconic play in their history. For the Kansas City Chiefs, that is the 65 Toss Power Trap play from Super Bowl IV.

Here's what Sporting News associate NFL editor Tadd Haislop had to say about the play:

*Jan. 11, 1970 – "65 Toss Power Trap"*

The Chiefs have one title, and it was sealed when Mike Garrett's five-yard touchdown run in the second quarter put the Vikings out of reach in Super Bowl IV. The play – 65 Toss Power Trap – is famous because Hank Stram called the touchdown. "It might pop wide open," he said. Kansas City led, 16-0, and went on to win, 23-7.

Super Bowl IV still stands today as the only Super Bowl title win in franchise history.

Read the full list of plays here.

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