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The Chiefs' Top Fumble Recoveries of the 2016 Season

Counting down the top five

To go along with their many individual feats, the Kansas City Chiefs finished the season with the league lead in takeaways at 33.

15 of those 33 takeaways came as a result of fumble recoveries.

This is a list of the top five from the 2016 season, finishing with a No. 1 play you probably will never see the likes of again. Here we go:

No. 5: Daniel Sorensen, recovery guru

Along with cornerback Marcus Peters, who trust me, we'll get to, defensive back Daniel Sorensen had a great year when it came to fumble recoveries—together with Peters, they recovered three a piece.

The first of Sorensen's impressive fumble plays came against the Tennessee Titans during Week 15.

With the Titans driving in the first quarter, Marcus Mariota found Rishard Matthews wide open down the field. Just as Matthews was about to get into the end zone, safety Eric Berry knocked the ball from his grasp.

Sorensen picked the ball up in nearly the back of the end zone, and rather than kneeling it, brought it all the way back 55 yards to the Kansas City 47. The Chiefs scored their second touchdown of the game off the good field position from the turnover and return.

Then, with the Chiefs leading 27-10 against the Denver Broncos on Christmas night, a Sorensen forced fumble and recovery sealed the deal for the Chiefs.

Sorensen knocked the ball from the Broncos' Devontae Booker, and the it popped up into the air. After completing the tackle, Sorensen got up and lunged for the football.

Key point:Had this fumble not happened, perhaps we would have yet to see the now famous “Bloated Tebow Pass.”

No. 4: Peters' recovery wraps up game versus Saints

This fumble recovery from Week 7 may go forgotten in the grand scheme of plays even in this countdown, but it was important.

With the Chiefs up 10 midway through the fourth quarter, Drew Brees had the Saints in the Chiefs' red zone. Ron Parker forced Mark Ingram to fumble on a handoff, and Peters picked the ball up and returned it 21 yards to the Kansas City 28.

Although the Chiefs didn't get any points on the ensuing drive, the fumble shaved 3:37 of crucial time off the clock and pinned the Saints back to the 20-yard line on their next possession in a game the Chiefs only ended up winning by one score.

No. 3: The right place at the right time

Fumbles in the air are rare. Fumbles in the air that hit you right in the chest are more rare. That's what happened on this kickoff to the Jets' Brandon Marshall, whose fumble popped right into the chest of Chiefs tight end Demetrius Harris.

With open field in front of him, Harris simply darted 27 yards for the touchdown and 17-0 lead.

No. 2: Peters' causes what was probably a game winner

There were 8 minutes and 24 seconds left in the Jaguars-Chiefs game at Arrowhead Stadium and the momentum had shift a bit.

Blake Bortles and the Jags were on the Chiefs goal line trailing 19-7, and they handed the ball off to Chris Ivory.

Defensive lineman Jaye Howard knocked the ball away from Ivory and it landed in the end zone. Peters jumped on it for the touchback.

With the Jaguars scoring a touchdown on their next possession to make it 19-14, this play may have won the game for the Chiefs, who won by that margin.

No. 1: Peters steals the ball (and the game) away from the Panthers in Carolina

The Chiefs at one point trailed by 17 points against the Panthers, and after rallying back to tie the score a bit earlier in the fourth quarter, Cam Newton and the offense came on for one final try with 29 seconds to go.

On first down, Newton hit Kelvin Benjamin across the middle, but Peters ripped the ball out of his hands for a forced fumble and recovery you may never see the likes of again.

The play, combined with an 11-yard Spencer Ware run, set up a Cairo Santos game-winning kick to stun the Panthers on the road.

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