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The New Chiefs Download Podcast: Chris Ballard, Mike Borgonzi and Brett Veach

Members of the Chiefs personnel staff sat down with host Pete Sweeney and Chiefs reporter B.J. Kissel


You don't get to hear from them much, but their work behind the scenes is critical.

"We work as a group," Chiefs director of player personnel Chris Ballard told us. "I work with both college and pro, and I work right under John Dorsey, and we work together as a group on acquiring players both from the college, draft and also from the NFL."

Ballard, along with assistant director Mike Borgonzi and pro and college personnel analyst Brett Veach, joined the new Chiefs Download Podcast to give a rare look into what their everyday life is like as well as how they made it to the National Football League.

"Sometimes when you get out of school, you're not really sure what you want to do," Veach explains. "Football has been really my whole life. I knew athletics in some regard was going to be a path I was going to follow."

"I grew up in football," Borgonzi says. "I grew up in the greater Boston area, where I played high school football and then went on to Brown University, where I played for four years. After that I got into coaching and I really loved the evaluation part of the recruiting, kind of knew that was something I wanted to do one day.

"I had an opportunity to come to Kansas City in 2009 and just rolled with it."

*In the podcast, the three explain in detail about their respective backgrounds and open our eyes as to what it's like to work with people like Chiefs general manager John Dorsey.

*By the end of the podcast, Chiefs fans will gain a new understanding of what happens behind closed doors every day. *

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