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The New Chiefs Download Podcast: Will Shields

Host Pete Sweeney sat down with former Chiefs guard Will Shields, who is headed to the Hall of Fame in 2015


This year was the fourth year of Hall of Fame eligibility for former long-time Chiefs guard Will Shields.

Finally, this time, he made it in.

"What makes it unique is the simple fact of you're one of the best of the best and you're being recognized as one of those," Shields says in the podcast. "That's not really what you consider.

"You consider yourself pretty good, but to be able to get the gold jacket and bust and everything else sort of sets yourself apart."

Shields played in 14 seasons for the Chiefs and he made the Pro Bowl 12 straight times. Beginning in September 1993, he started 223 straight regular season games during his career, a Chiefs team record and fifth all-time in the NFL.

But even with that incredible résumé, getting the call to get into the Hall was never a guarantee for Shields. 

"Even if you make the final ballot, you still have to get 80 percent of the room to vote that you could go in," he says. "We've had presidents voted in at 33 percent. It's tougher to get into the Hall of Fame than it is to be president."

In the podcast, Shields details what it meant to him to finally get that call, how many text messages he received that night and what he expects the next year to be like.

One of the most charitable former athletes in Kansas City, Shields discusses why that aspect of his life has been so important to him since his days of being a Lawton paperboy and how his close relationship with legendary Nebraska coach Tom Osborne led to his understanding of the true difference he could make.

Photos from OL Will Shields' career with the Kansas City Chiefs

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