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The Top Five Moments of Marcus Peters' 2016 Pro Bowl Season

That’s two years in the league, two years headed to the Pro Bowl for Peters

Last season, as a rookie, Marcus Peters surprised the league with just how NFL-ready he was right out of college. At season's end, he shared a piece of the league lead for interceptions with eight, and he went to the Pro Bowl as a result.

This year, as he has continued his elite play, he is headed back. We counted down some of his best moments from this season thus far:


For as much as Peters does for the Chiefs in coverage, maybe something that gets a little less publicity is his awareness of the football when it's live and on the ground. Peters has three fumble recoveries this season, which is a tie for second in the league. On this play during Week 9, Jacksonville opts to hand the ball off to running back Chris Ivory, who fumbles the football. Peters watches the ball, recognizes it's live and dives onto it, preventing a touchdown that could have got the Jaguars back in the game.


Marcus Peters had not one, but two of the Chiefs' six picks against Ryan Fitzpatrick and the Jets Week 3. Peters' first interception came in the first quarter and gave the Chiefs great field position for their first touchdown of the game. Peters' second interception came in the fourth quarter and happened in the end zone. At the time of the game, it was 17-3, so the seven-point swing kept the Jets from mounting a comeback.


It isn't really something you've seen a lot this year—Raiders quarterback Derek Carr throwing interceptions. In 14 games, he's only thrown six, and Peters has one of them. Aided by an aggressive Chiefs pass rush, Carr's first-quarter pass intended for Michael Crabtree down the sideline was underthrown, and Peters tracked it down for the change of possession.


First place position was on the line on Thursday Night Football, and Carr was putting together a game-tying drive. On third-and-1, Carr took a shot to the end zone, a pass to Andre Holmes. Peters stayed with Holmes stride for stride, jumped up and knocked the ball away with one hand.


The Chiefs had been trailing 17-0 before rallying back to tie the game against the Carolina Panthers, and with less than 30 seconds on the clock, Cam Newton was attempting to drive down the field and take the lead back. Newton hit wide receiver Kelvin Benjamin with a pass, and as he tried to get to the ground, Peters ripped the ball out of his hands, immediately putting the Chiefs into field goal range. A 37-yard field goal to follow stunned the Panthers.

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