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Three Downs with Chiefs GM John Dorsey

The team's GM talks current Chiefs players, draft preparation and more

We're just over one week away from the 2014 NFL Draft and to nobody's surprise, Chiefs general manager John Dorsey and his personnel staff continue to work away, doing everything they can to make the team as competitive as possible, entering the new season.

Despite the busy time of year, Dorsey took time to answer 'three downs' worth of questions, involving the team's current players, the draft and more.

With as busy as you are preparing for the draft, what are your interactions like with the players who are here for the offseason program?

"I enjoy being around them, because they give me energy. They give me a feel that everybody is working for a purpose and that purpose is 'Don't be satisfied with last year; let's build off of last year." They're good guys and you can't ask anything but to be around a bunch of guys that are committed to the ultimate goal."

Since the players are back in the building, is your communication with the coaching staff limited?

"No. I think communication is tantamount, within this game of football. Any time that you can have open lines of communication with the personnel department and the coaching staff, you can bounce ideas, questions and solutions off of each other. So, we can kind of chip away at this whole thing and part of the thing is collectively being involved. Everybody within football operations has to have daily communication with each other, so everybody knows how we're in sync with each other."

During the free agency period, do you spend much time watching what other teams are doing and/or who they are signing?

"No, I don't think you can worry. Again, I think you have to have a certain amount of patience. I think you have to have a belief in how you're acquiring players in the system of how you've developed and philosophically stay in constant with your philosophy and your plan."


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