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Top 5 Headlines 1/29: Chiefs Draft Analysis

Daily headlines to keep you up-to-date on the latest Chiefs news from local and national media


1. Four Senior Bowl stars the Kansas City Chiefs should consider drafting

By Aaron Mannicci - Cover 32

"Now that John Dorsey and Andy Reid have two NFL Draft's under their belt in Kansas City, the draft habits of the Kansas City Chiefs front office are finally beginning to show.Although the Senior Bowl is simply another part of the draft process, history tells us that John Dorsey and company value Senior Bowl week greatly, as the regime's first two first round picks since arriving in Kansas City headlined their respected Senior Bowl's as being among the top performers at the game. In other words, take a look at a few of the most impressive prospects who were present in Mobile, and you may be looking at the Chiefs next first round draft pick.

However, in the midst of all of the reactions and conclusions currently being made on players following the week, remember that one common misconception, in terms of evaluation, regarding the events leading up the the draft is the overall significance of them. Now, let me explain."    READ MORE…

Rookie Highlights

Highlights from the Kansas City Chiefs' 2014 rookies.

2. Justin Houston likes Seahawks over Patriots

By Adam Teicher -

"Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Justin Houston, in a visit to ESPN's "First Take" set this week in Arizona, picked the Seattle Seahawks to beat the New England Patriots.

The Chiefs beat both teams during the regular season, 41-14 against New England in September and 24-20 against Seattle in November. Both games were at Arrowhead Stadium."    READ MORE…

3. Tamba Hali says he wants to be back in Kansas City in 2015

By Brandon Wise - CBS Sports

"Outside linebacker Tamba Hali once again expressed an interest in returning to the only team he's ever played for in the Chiefs.

"At this stage of my career, it isn't about money," Hali said. "The Kansas City Chiefs have taken care of me, financially. I have some good people in my corner that have positioned me to be able to live a lifestyle a lot of people won't be able to live. So I'm not one of those guys who gets all bent out of shape over money. I love playing the game, I want to win a championship in Kansas City.""    READ MORE…

4. Like Patriots, Seahawks saw season swing after loss in Kansas City

By Tim Britton - The Providence Journal

"The Chiefs game is where it all changed. That's been the unanimous response from the players all week. That loss in Kansas City? That's when they'd had enough of being mediocre.

This isn't the Patriots we're talking about. This is the story of the Seahawks' season as well."    READ MORE…

5. For KC pawn shop owner, an actual Lombardi Trophy is just the start of his inventory

By Sean Keeler - Fox Sports

"It's awkward to grip and slick to the touch, seven pounds of pure silver, each turn reflecting the lights above with an almost holy glow. And then you laugh, quietly. In a larger man's hands, you think, the Lombardi Trophy could be swung like Thor's hammer.

"Anything that's old, neat and cool," Don Budd says proudly, "I do.""    READ MORE…

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