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Top 5 Headlines 11/15: Chiefs are Succeeding in an Unusual Way

Daily headlines to keep you up-to-date on the latest Chiefs news from local and national media


1. Chiefs: No TD from WR ... and that's OK

By ESPN Stats & Information -

"You might have noticed that the Kansas City Chiefs are succeeding in an unusual way this season. They've somehow managed to win without getting a single touchdown reception from a wide receiver.

Let's examine this more closely from a statistical perspective. "    READ MORE…

Jamaal Charles vs. Marshawn Lynch

Sunday will feature two of the top running backs in the NFL.

2. Seahawks' general manager built champion on principles learned with Chiefs and Dorsey

By Randy Covitz - The Kansas City Star

"When Seattle Seahawks executive vice president/general manager John Schneider popped in the video of the Chiefs' recent home game against the New York Jets, the memories of his days at Arrowhead Stadium came rushing back.

The crowd. The noise. The red jerseys. The result. "    READ MORE…

3. Chiefs receiver Dwayne Bowe has a lot at stake this weekend and beyond

By Sam Mellinger - The Kansas City Star

"The most important thing is that Dwayne Bowe is engaged. That's where it all starts with him. That's where it's always started with him.

If his mind wanders, he's lost. If he loses focus, the Chiefs are like a man with the flu trying to finish a race. Bowe needs to feel involved. He needs to feel wanted. He needs to feel valued. He needs to feel like there is something to prove. "    READ MORE…

4. Chiefs had idea Jamaal Charles would break a long run

By Adam Teicher -

"When the Kansas City Chiefs had a fourth down at the Buffalo 39 in the fourth quarter of last week's game against the Bills, all they were looking for was a play that would gain the one yard necessary for them to get a fresh set of downs.

They called a play they believed would not just convert the fourth down but get them a lot more. That's exactly what happened when Jamaal Charles took a pitch from quarterback Alex Smith 39 yards for a touchdown that narrowed their deficit to 13-10. The Chiefs would go on to win 17-13. "    READ MORE…

5. 'Chiefs vs. Seahawks' actually means 'Arrowhead vs. CenturyLink'

By Tadd Haislop - Sporting News

"Forget the division races. Never mind the AFC and NFC wild-card hunts. Don't worry about matchups like Kansas City's mediocre receivers against Seattle's stout secondary, or Seattle's unstoppable rushing attack against Kansas City's immovable run defense.

We all know the Week 11 matchup between the Seahawks and Chiefs is all about pride: Who has the NFL's best home-field advantage?"    READ MORE…

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