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Top 5 Headlines 12/15: Chiefs Control Playoff Destiny

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1. With Sunday's big win, Chiefs claim control of their playoff destiny

By Jeffery Flanagan - Fox Sports

"After all the moaning and groaning that emerged from the Chiefs' three-game skid, here's what we still know: The Chiefs, after blowing out the Raiders 31-13, control their own playoff destiny.

Win their remaining two games against Pittsburgh and San Diego, and the Chiefs will make the playoffs."    READ MORE…

Chiefs vs. Raiders

Photos from the Chiefs Week 15 matchup against the Raiders

2. Chiefs rookie De'Anthony Thomas can take your breath away when he gets the ball

By Vahe Gregorian - The Kansas City Star

"Chiefs rookie De'Anthony Thomas can zoom from zero to 60 mph in approximately "one second," reckons teammate Kelcie McCray.

"That's crazy how he does that," McCray said."    READ MORE…

3. Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith uses the deep ball to burn the Raiders

By Terez Paylor - The Kansas City Star

"It was a sight Chiefs fans haven't seen enough this year. Perfect protection. A deep, gorgeous spiral. And a receiver wearing red, white and gold settling under the ball for a big gain.

Yes, the Chiefs threw a deep ball on Sunday, and it marked the second straight week quarterback Alex Smith hooked up with a receiver for a big gain downfield. Not a catch-and-run — though the Chiefs did that, too. A deep ball."    READ MORE…

4. The Travis Kelce Experience: You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll cheer

By Sam Mellinger - The Kansas City Star

"The Full Travis Kelce Experience is a slant route where he finds space between the cornerback and linebacker and goes all mini-Gronk on the Raiders' defense.

D.J. Hayden and Brandian Ross hit him, simultaneously, on Kelce's third stride after catching the ball. They bounce off him and to the grass, like crash-test dummies thrown against a wall. Oakland linebacker Miles Burris is next. He rushes into Kelce, hits as hard as he can and falls a few yards from his teammates. This is what it looks like when professional football players are turned into henchmen."    READ MORE…

5. Rapid Reaction: Kansas City Chiefs

By Adam Teicher -

"A few thoughts on the Kansas City Chiefs' 31-13 win over the Oakland Raiders at Arrowhead Stadium:

What it means: The Chiefs broke a three-game losing streak and raised their record to 8-6. They would make the playoffs as a wild-card entrant for the second straight year by winning their final two games of the season."    READ MORE…

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