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Top 5 Headlines 12/19: Jason Avant is Making an Impression

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1. The Professional: Chiefs receiver Jason Avant is winning over his new team

By Terez Paylor - The Kansas City Star

"Jason Avant was in the middle of a dig route when he locked eyes with Alex Smith, who was rolling to the right.

This was Dec. 7, the third quarter of the Chiefs' 17-14 loss to the Arizona Cardinals, and what happened next — a midplay adjustment that led to what was then the Chiefs' longest pass of the season — might have been easy to overlook, considering the outcome of the game."    READ MORE…

Chiefs vs. Raiders Cheerleaders

Kansas City Chiefs Cheerleaders during the Chiefs vs Raiders game December 14, 2014

2. Chiefs to stick with Thomas Gafford as long snapper

By Randy Covitz - The Kansas City Star

"Kicker Cairo Santos missed two of his three field goal attempts in the Chiefs' 31-13 win over the Oakland Raiders on Sunday, and for that, long snapper Thomas Gafford is accepting at least some of the blame.

"Yeah, we were a little off," Gafford said. "It starts with me. The snap is the first thing. I've got to be more consistent, so I definitely take some responsibility for the missed kicks."    READ MORE…

3. Alex Smith and Chiefs take personality test with season on the line

By Vahe Gregorian - The Kansas City Star

"One of the ways Chiefs' coach Andy Reid manages the precarious tightrope that his team has to navigate to secure a playoff berth is to shrug off that distracting detail.

"I don't think you focus on that," he said."    READ MORE…

4. Playoff scenarios: It's just Baltimore, of course, and not Cincinnati

By Adam Teicher -

"Continuing my own personal holiday tradition that goes back several years, I've messed up a playoff scenario regarding the Kansas City Chiefs. In this case, it's what eliminates the Chiefs from playoff consideration if they lose on Sunday to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

If the Chiefs lose and the Baltimore Ravens beat the Houston Texans, the Chiefs will not make the playoffs. I mistakenly included the Cincinnati Bengals in that scenario, claiming the 9-4-1 Bengals would also have to win their game on Monday night against the Denver Broncos."    READ MORE…

5. Heads up, Pittsburgh: TWO Andy Reids are comin' to town Sunday

By Sean Keeler - Fox Sports

"Heads up, Pittsburgh: You're about to get two Andy Reids on your hands.

Fake Andy Reid -- or rather, his alter ego, Kansas City Chiefs fan Chris Wilhelm, whose appearances in Buffalo the last two years have caught the eyes of national television cameras -- tweeted out that he's bringing his Big Red tribute act to Steelers-Chiefs on Sunday afternoon at Heinz Field."    READ MORE…

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