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Top 5 Headlines 12/26: Chiefs vs. Chargers Preview

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1. Chargers vs. Chiefs Preview

By Adam Teicher and Eric Williams -

"The 8-7 Chiefs need to win and then have favorable results in two other games. If the Chiefs win, the Jacksonville Jaguars beat the Houston Texans and the Cleveland Browns beat the Baltimore Ravens, that wild-card spot goes to Kansas City.

The Chiefs beat the Chargers 23-20 in October in San Diego."    READ MORE…

Meet the Chargers

Meet the starting roster for the San Diego Chargers

2. All the Chiefs can do Sunday is take care of business, hope for the best

By AP - Fox Sports

"The San Diego Chargers simplified their road to a playoff berth with an improbable comeback victory.

The Kansas City Chiefs' path to the postseason is much more complex -- and unlikely."    READ MORE…

3. Role Players: Meet Chiefs' behind-the-scenes second teamers

By James Dornbrook - Kansas City Business Journal

"Every winning team needs superstars, but it also requires role players. It's no different for the Kansas City Chiefs. As an organization, the football team is the superstar, but the role players behind the scenes of every game create the seamless experience fans have come to enjoy — and expect.

Most of the Chiefs' 160 employees fill the kind of day jobs you'd see at just about any small business. But come Sundays, it's all hands on deck, and those employees often take on duties well outside their day-job parameters."    READ MORE…

4. Know thy teammate: linebackers James Michael Johnson and Josh Martin

By Kathleen Gier - The Kansas City Star

"We asked Chiefs linebacker James-Michael Johnson five questions to learn a little more about his life away the football field. Then we asked fellow linebacker Josh Martin to guess Johnson's replies."    READ MORE…

5. New Pro Bowl Format

By Randy Covitz - The Kansas City Star

"Both outside linebacker Tamba Hali and running back Jamaal Charles like the Pro Bowl format that was introduced last year that scrubbed the AFC vs. NFC matchup in favor of a player draft for each team, regardless of conference.

"Last year, we competed more," said Hali, a four-time Pro Bowler. "Other times I was there, we weren't into it. Last year, we did the draft, and guys from the same team were on different teams, and we competed. I like it.""    READ MORE…

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