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Top 5 Headlines 12/8: The Good, Bad and the Ugly from Sunday's Game

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1. Chiefs Blitz: A look at the good, the bad and the ugly from Sunday's loss to the Cardinals

By Terez Paylor - The Kansas City Star

"1. So who's the most to blame for the loss?

The players and staff should take equal accountability — they played hard but came up short against a good team, albeit one playing without its starting quarterback and running back. But the officiating undoubtedly played a role. Anthony Fasano's touchdown catch was taken away by a flaky offensive pass interference call, and Travis Kelce's fumble seemed to be sketchy, at best.

  1. What happened to the Chiefs' offense in the second half?

This loss is on the entire offense, even though Alex Smith's interception was horrid. But you have to give Arizona's defense credit — they started blitzing and stacking the box when they really needed it. And while Smith was able to find his receivers at times, the combination of the pressure, drops and errant throws felled the Chiefs more often than not."    READ MORE…

Chiefs vs. Cardinals

Kansas City Chiefs take on the Cardinals in Arizona on Sunday December 7, 2014

2. Alex Smith must rise above the Chiefs' malaise, not succumb to it

By Vahe Gregorian - The Kansas City Star

"In a more fair world, or at least a more forgiving one, maybe an NFL referee doesn't gobble up the flop of a defender that sells a suspect offensive pass-interference call.

In our little la-la land, Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith's apparent 19-yard touchdown pass to Anthony Fasano stands up against what appeared to be a trumped-up charge on Sunday at University of Phoenix Stadium."    READ MORE…

3. Chiefs' report card vs. the Cardinals

By Randy Covitz - The Kansas CIty Star

"First quarter

Key play: The Chiefs' Jamaal Charles broke a tackle and bolted 63 yards for a touchdown.

Key stat: Chiefs QB Alex Smith completed seven of seven passes for 50 yards."    READ MORE…

4. Chiefs got hosed by refs -- and can't seem to stop hosing themselves

By Sean Keeler - Fox Sports

"Travis Kelce had the pigskin, with two hands, secure, while lying on his back. It was somewhat clear live, and even clearer seen on reply, slowed to a meticulous crawl: Bobbled. Secured. Down. Cocky flip.

The stripes saw something else, declared it a fumble and gave Arizona the ball at its own 16 with 5:23 to go, with the host Cardinals clinging to a 17-14 lead."    READ MORE…

5. Cardinals coach Bruce Arians wears "Berry Strong" shirt before Chiefs game

By Pete Grathoff - The Kansas City Star

"Even before kickoff Sunday against the Chiefs, the Arizona Cardinals scored points.

At least coach Bruce Arians did. He was spotted on the University of Phoenix field wearing a "Berry Strong" T-shirt. Those were made in support of Chiefs safety Eric Berry, who is out for the season after a mass was discovered in his chest. The fear is that is lymphoma."    READ MORE…

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