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Top 5 Headlines 5/13: With Morse, the word tough doesn't even do him justice

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1. With Chiefs rookie OL Morse, the word tough doesn't even do him justice

By Sean Keeler - Fox Sports Kansas City

"Josh Henson can't remember if the kid was a true freshman or a redshirt, but he remembers this:

Mitch Morse looked like dog crap.

Oh, not his play. Dude was owning people. A punch here, a slide step there, giving his man hell, taking two-a-days at 100 miles per hour. But the young Missouri Tigers blocker seemed to be getting skinnier with each passing morning, and came off the field gray and slumped, staggering as if he had just walked off the most hellacious roller coaster known to man."    READ MORE…

Chiefs Rookie Free Agents

Images of some of the Chiefs' 2015 undrafted rookie free agents.

2. Tom Brady should skip appeal, tell truth now

By Ian O'Connor - ESPN

"Much sooner rather than later, Tom Brady needs to call the most important audible of his football life.

His crime against sport is not in the same ballpark as those committed by Pete Rose, Lance Armstrong and Alex Rodriguez, not even close, so there is no reason to follow their path of endless denial and deceit before finally telling the truth. Brady needs to come clean right now.

This is not about Brady's agent, Don Yee, or his father, Tom Sr., because agents and parents are expected to scream and shout while protecting their own. This is about the quarterback of the New England Patriots, nobody else."    READ MORE…

3. 5 teams that did good job of filling needs in draft, 5 that didn't

By Bryan Fisher -

"Much of the 2015 rookie class has already hit the field at various minicamps around the league, and clubs are already penciling in the recent NFL draft picks on the depth chart.

As the march toward the regular season continues, it's time to take one more quick look back at the draft to see which teams did the best job of filling needs and which allowed some glaring voids to remain by failing to address needs.

There were roughly five major needs the Chiefs needed to address in the draft and they answered all of them while landing a Day 1 starter at corner in Peters. Conley has the tools to get the Chiefs some much-needed scores from the wideout spot and GM John Dorsey solidified the middle of the defense with middle-round picks."    READ MORE…

4. Chiefs WRs Coach David Culley's Journey to the NFL

By BJ Kissel -

"After 16 years together, which includes just three losing seasons and a winning percentage in the regular season of .612, Culley says the success with coach Reid is all about consistency.

"I know what he (Andy Reid) wants," he explained. "I could tell you right now, a year from now on this day, what he will be doing because of the consistency he has and what he wants because he has a plan and we know what that plan is.

"What I found out in coaching is the successful people—the head coaches, the coordinators, are successful because they know what they want to do and everybody working for them understands what they want to do.""    READ MORE…

5. Chiefs' one-time advertising deal with National Guard in 2011 did not include tribute

By Terez Paylor - Kansas City Star

"The Chiefs, however, said in a statement that their agreement with the Missouri National Guard was about advertising and not tributes to service members.A request for comment from the Guard was not returned.

"The Kansas City Chiefs had a partnership with the Missouri National Guard in 2011," the team's statement said. "The agreement was for one year and was strictly for promotional and advertising elements."

The National Guard paid NFL teams $5.6 million in 2013 and 2014, according to the Los Angeles Times, and this year it is paying $4.1 million for sporting event advertising, including $1.2 million to NFL teams. The Chiefs' agreement with the Missouri Guard was only for 2011."    READ MORE…

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