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Top 5 Headlines 6/1: What Grade Would You Give the Chiefs' Offseason?

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1. Offseason grade of 'B' sounds about right for Chiefs

By Adam Teicher - ESPN

"In case you missed it, ESPN's Mike Sando graded the offseason for each of the NFL's 32 teams.

He received some help from ESPN analysts in the process. Sando gave a "B" to the Kansas City Chiefs.

Five other teams were also awarded a "B" for their offseason maneuvers. Nine teams received a grade of "B-plus" or better and 17 received a mark of "B-minus" or worse, all the way down to a "D-minus" for the San Francisco 49ers."    READ MORE…

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2. Rams DEs Chris Long, William Hayes confront homelessness in St. Louis

By Elizabeth Merrill - ESPN

"The idea was hatched as the St. Louis Rams' team bus inched through a rugged part of downtown St. Louis, and, like many of the plans William Hayes and Chris Long come up with, it wasn't taken very seriously. Hayes and Long are the team's jokesters, bantering about everything from the existence of mermaids to opening a plus-size yoga studio.

But this conversation was different. From their comfortable seats in the bus, they saw homeless people on the streets, and Hayes turned to Long and asked him if he thought they could handle living like that. Hayes had been moved by the plight of the homeless since his days in Tennessee when he befriended a man who panhandled near the Titans' practice facility. On the Rams' bus, Hayes told Long he wanted to experience what it was like to be homeless and asked if Long would join him.

They'd turn in their cell phones and credit cards and wander the streets in sub-40-degree temperatures with no place to go. Long, one of the NFL's deep thinkers, gave Hayes a funny look at first, but then he said yes."    READ MORE…

3. Chiefs' Cairo Santos, Dustin Colquitt get accustomed to NFL's new extra-point rule

By Terez Paylor - Kansas City Star

""We went out there and put it right in the middle — this is the windiest day you can imagine in Kansas City, and he banged home 12 of them," Colquitt said. "He played soccer his whole life — he's used to wind, he's used to big game-time situations … his is one of those in-between 30 and 35 yard field goals that you've got to hit."

The NFL, which approved the rule change by a 30-2 vote, experimented with longer extra points before last season, moving the spot of the ball from the 2-yard line to the 15-yard line.

Santos went five for five."    READ MORE…

4. Rookie Chiefs receiver knows what Eric Berry's going through in battle with cancer

By Vahe Gregorian - Kansas City Star

"Out of nowhere, it seemed, a disturbing mass sprouted in the upper body of an otherwise healthy young football player.

Next thing you know, it's diagnosed as Hodgkin lymphoma, Stage IV. Starting with a newfound sense of mortality, everything instantly changed for the Chiefs player. If this sounds familiar, it should: It's what star safety Eric Berry quite privately has been working through since a growth was discovered in his chest in early December.

Apparently, all is going as well as possible according to the scant, one-step-removed information that's been released."    READ MORE…

5. With "Continuity" Being a Key to O-Line Success, the Chiefs Seem to Have Started Early

By Pete Sweeney -


Former Chiefs offensive lineman Ryan Liljah said it over and over again on the Chiefs Download Podcast back in April.

"When I came to Kansas City as a rookie, it was Willie Roaf, Brian Waters, Casey Wiegmann, Will Shields, John Welbourn," he said. "Those guys would make calls with hand signals. Those guys wouldn't have to make calls because they were in each other's head.""    READ MORE…

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