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Top 5 Headlines 7/15: Who is the rising star in this division?

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1. AFC West: Who is the rising star in this division?

By Adam Teicher - ESPN

"Kelce is a matchup problem for opposing defenses. He's fast for a 260-pound player. He can get down the field to catch passes but also runs well after the catch, so he's a threat on underneath routes.

His presence is one reason the Chiefs weren't more aggressive about bringing in another wide receiver after signing Jeremy Maclin. Runner-up here goes to San Diego's rookie running back Melvin Gordon. He'll give the Chargers a rushing game they've lacked for years."    READ MORE…

New Arrowhead Exterior and Interior Graphics

As the 2015 season nears, Arrowhead Stadium gets outfitted with fresh new exterior and interior graphics.

2. Wembley - How to be a Chiefs fan for a day!

By Tom Childs - Arrowheads Abroad

"The Kansas City Chiefs have the best fans in the world. That's a fact! If you want to disagree with me then get yourself to Arrowhead on a football Sunday. The Chiefs home field advantage is top 5 in the league, according to this article from Bucky Brooks. Although I would have us in the top 2.

As UK fans it is our duty to make sure that the teams that have given up a home game for us, get at a miniumum the best home field advantage possible at Wembley Stadium. This is why we are putting togther a series explaining to the casual NFL fan what it takes to be a Chiefs supporter come game day on November 1st."    READ MORE…

3. Missouri's Michael Sam, Chiefs great Derrick Thomas to be featured in SEC Storied documentaries

By Todd Palmer - Kansas City Star

"Missouri will get its first SEC Storied treatment Sept. 22 with the debut of the documentary "Sam" on the SEC Network.

Former Alabama star Derrick Thomas, an NFL and Chiefs Hall of Famer, also will receive the documentary treatment from ESPN Films.

The Thomas documentary, "In Search of Derrick Thomas," airs Sept. 29 and chronicles the life and untimely death of one of the greatest sack artists in football history."    READ MORE…

4. Will Shields has been a star in the Kansas City community for years

By Jim Gehman - NFL Player Engagement

"Raised in Oklahoma, you went to the University of Nebraska before being drafted by the Kansas City Chiefs in 1993. Was it just fate that you were chosen by an NFL team based in the Midwest?

"I don't know about fate, but I think it worked out really well. It didn't matter where I played; I just think it was a chance for me to get an opportunity."

What makes you most proud of the "Will to Succeed" Foundation?

"That we've been able to help so many different people and different caveats. Even though our Foundation was built for battered and abused women and children, we've been able to build different programs to help with child care, obesity, literacy, as well as just other little nuances within the whole gamut of building up positive self-esteem one way or another.

"And that it's been going as long as it has, that it's still recognized and being supported today even though I'm no longer playing for a current team." "    READ MORE…

5. Devon Still to accept ESPYS award on behalf of daughter Leah

By Cole Harvey - ESPN

"When Devon Still walks to the microphone at Wednesday night's ESPYS to accept the Jimmy V. Perseverance Award, he will be alone.

Still had hoped his 5-year-old daughter, Leah, whose story of overcoming cancer has inspired many around the globe, would be healthy enough for the trip. But recent news from Leah's doctors indicated she wouldn't be. So she will be missing the event, according to Still."    READ MORE…

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