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Top 5 Headlines 8/15: Eric Kush is Bulked Up and Energetic

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1. Bulked-up center Eric Kush brings energy to the Chiefs' offensive line

By Terez Paylor - Kansas City Star

"One of Andy Reid's biggest pet peeves is low-energy players.

The Chiefs coach likes the men who play for him to be full of life and have juice. That is, to love the game and energetically attack the voluminous amount of hours they spend preparing to play football on Sundays."    READ MORE…

8/14 Training Camp

Photos from training camp in St Joe on day 21 of camp.

2. Reid: Dwayne Bowe's 'finger is shot'

By Adam Teicher -

"ST. JOSEPH, Mo. -- Kansas City Chiefs coach Andy Reid revealed a finger injury to wide receiver Dwayne Bowe that could explain why Bowe has dropped a lot of passes during camp.

"His finger is shot," Reid said Thursday. "It's been thrown out of place about 15 times, and he's not catching the ball. But he's getting his work done. You can practice with that type of thing.""    READ MORE…

3. Chiefs break camp in St. Joe, move back to KC

By Associated Press -

"ST. JOSEPH, Mo. -- The Chiefs broke camp on the campus of Missouri Western on Thursday as they prepared for their second preseason game, and will resume practice at their own facility in Kansas City next week.

Now, the question become whether the Chiefs will ever return to St. Joseph."    READ MORE…

4. Chiefs defensive backs getting acclimated to re-emphasized rules

By Terez Paylor - The Kansas City Star

"The Chiefs' defense got its first taste of how the re-emphasized defensive holding and illegal contact rules will be enforced in their preseason opener against the Bengals last Thursday, and let's just say the results were ... interesting.

In all, the Chiefs were whistled for defensive holding five times and illegal contact once."    READ MORE…

5. Chiefs say farewell to St. Joe -- and hello to more questions

By Sean Keeler - Fox Sports Kansas City

"ST. JOSEPH, Mo. -- You've got questions. We've got a bus to catch. Go.

So, no Eric Berry on Sunday in Carolina. Should I be worried? Andy Reid isn't."    READ MORE…

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