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Top 5 Headlines 9/1: Justin Houston or Derrick Thomas?

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1. Justin Houston or Derrick Thomas? Similar looks four years into careers

By Blair Kerkhoff - Kansas City Star

"Thomas holds the Chiefs' record with 45 forced fumbles, and in 1992 he recorded a team-record eight. He also recovered more fumbles than anybody in Chiefs history with 19, sometimes recovering the fumbles he forced with a quickness that left many offensive linemen wondering what had just zipped by.

"The first step is what made Derrick so phenomenal," said Rich Baldinger, a former Chiefs offensive lineman who played four seasons with Thomas. "His first step was so quick, and his flexibility, knowing how to drop his shoulder and turn the corner."

Although the players' listed dimensions are similar — both 6 feet 3, with Houston listed at 258 and Thomas at 255 — they took different routes to their sacks."    READ MORE…

Photos From Monday's Chiefs Practice

Practice on Monday in preparation for Thursday nights game against St Louis.

2. Chiefs' Hebron Fangupo overcomes tragedy to give football another chance

By Herbie Teope - Topeka Capital-Journal

"The native of Orange County, Calif., decided to go into coaching and returned to Brigham Young University, where he enrolled in classes with a view to help out the football team.

"I was going to be a student assistant, work my way to a graduate assistant, try to impress as many people as I can in my ability to coach," Fangupo said. "I've always had this talent talking to people. Everything went smooth at BYU."

A tragic incident and two telephone calls changed everything.

The first call arrived July 22 and the voice on the other end of the telephone informed Fangupo his close friend from church, Dave Douglas, was murdered on July 19 in Anaheim, Calif."    READ MORE…

3. Entering year three, Chiefs coach Andy Reid has his quarterbacks' trust

By Terez Paylor - Kansas City Star

"The Chiefs like to joke that when it comes to the practice field, it's hard to sneak a mistake — no matter how small — past the big man in the bright red jacket.

"He doesn't miss anything," quarterback Alex Smith said of his coach, Andy Reid, with a grin. "He doesn't need the tape."

So imagine how detailed Reid must be when it comes to his quarterbacks.

Along with the offensive line, which Reid played in college, quarterback the position he is known for coaching, thanks to his history in Green Bay, where he spent time teaching Brett Favre, and Philadelphia, where he molded Donovan McNabb into a Pro Bowl quarterback."    READ MORE…

4. Chiefs will find TE Demetrius Harris was worth the wait

By Adam Teicher - ESPN

"Tight end Demetrius Harris, who practiced on Sunday for the first time with the Kansas City Chiefs this season because he was waiting for his broken foot to mend, said he's prepared to play some in Thursday night's final preseason game in St. Louis.

It's going to be longer than that before the Chiefs get the full benefit of Harris' return.

"It's going to be several weeks I think with a guy that is coming off an injury, who hasn't practiced," offensive coordinator Doug Pederson. "Now, he's run routes and he's done some things that way but it's one thing to run routes on air versus [against] bodies on defense. It's going to take some time. We can't rush him back, either. We've got to continue to monitor that progress as we go.""    READ MORE…

5. Here's what happens on the sideline, in the huddle and in the QB's headset before the snap

By Terez Paylor - Kansas City Star

"This is a general outline of how the Chiefs call plays. The following events can occur on a faster or slower timeline, depending on how long it takes coach Andy Reid and offensive coordinator Doug Pederson to settle on a play. The situation matters, too — during a two-minute drill, all of this is accelerated.

0:40 — The previous play just ended, and Reid begins looking at his multilayered play-call sheet. Depending on the situation, he'll fire off the next call immediately or take a few extra seconds to settle on it.

"You've got to know the situation you're in and what flow the defense is in," Reid said. "It depends on where you're at in the game … there's a guessing game, a chess match, that comes with it. But normally it's pretty smooth. You don't have a lot of time to do it, so it's got to be smooth.""    READ MORE…

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