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Top 5 Headlines 9/18: Loud Ovation for Eric Berry's Return

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1. Loud ovation for Eric Berry on regular-season return to Arrowhead

By Adam Teicher - ESPN

"The loudest cheer of player introductions before Thursday night's game between the Denver Broncos and Kansas City Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium was reserved for safety Eric Berry. He was playing in his first regular season home game since being diagnosed with lymphoma last November."    READ MORE…

Chiefs vs. Broncos Game Highlights

Photos from the Chiefs home opener matchup against the Denver Broncos

2. The bullies from Denver do it again to the Chiefs

By Sam Mellinger - Kansas City Star

"Whatever the fuel, it's hard to imagine how this wasn't deliberate. How this was not part of the plan, if not specifically then in broader terms. The Chiefs like to play tough. They have big hopes this season. What would a bully do in this situation?

The Broncos packed brass knuckles.

They hit the Chiefs. They hit the Chiefs early, they hit the Chiefs hard, and they hit the Chiefs often. Four times, actually, they hit the Chiefs well after the whistle (or, in Von Miller's case, when there wasn't really a whistle, just a false start)."    READ MORE…

3. Chiefs' Jamaal Charles takes blame for loss after late fumble

By Adam Teicher - ESPN

"Running back Jamaal Charles has won more than his share of games for the Kansas City Chiefs over the years.

He says he cost them one Thursday night.

Charles' two fumbles, including one in the final minute of the fourth quarter of a tied game as the Chiefs were killing the clock and setting up for overtime, were key plays in the Chiefs' 31-24 loss to the Denver Broncos at Arrowhead Stadium."    READ MORE…

4. Chiefs blitz: The good, the bad and the ugly from Thursday's loss to Denver

By Terez Paylor - Kansas City Star

1. So the Chiefs lost again, huh? Will they ever beat Denver?

Given the way this game was set up, it seemed like the Chiefs would win. It was a primetime showdown at home early in the season, and the fans had plenty to feed off of, including Eric Berry making his triumphant return from lymphoma and Derrick Johnson attempting to set the team's all-time tackle record. Denver prevailed, despite all that.

  1. Why does Peyton Manning have the Chiefs' number?

His 14-1 record against the Chiefs isn't a fluke ― he's one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time. He's beaten some good Chiefs teams, too, this one included. He's not the same guy he was even two years ago, but this is probably a good reminder that it's rarely a good thing for the underdog when all the pundits pick against the team with a proven track record because it's the other team's "time." The last thing in the world the Chiefs needed was Peyton Manning and the Broncos feeling like nobody believed in them."    READ MORE…

5. Chiefs go off script instead of following storybook ending against Denver

By Vahe Gregorian - Kansas City Star

"The ideal script served up on a gold-plated platter with a glowing bow wrapped around it, this one was.

This was the moment for the Chiefs to seize, the time to change everything, the game that makes you say, "If not now … when?"

Instead, it turned into a soul-gouging fiasco on Thursday night at Arrowhead Stadium."    READ MORE…

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