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Top 5 Headlines 9/3: Travis Kelce Could be the Next Big Thing

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1. Travis Kelce Could Be the Next Big Thing in the NFL

By Jordan Zirm -

"As the ball floated out of Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Chase Daniel's hand and spiraled through the darkened Missouri sky, a buzz rose from the crowd at Arrowhead Stadium. Kelce caught the ball at his own 45-yard line, turned his head and saw nothing but fresh cut grass and orange pylons marking the Promised Land. The 6-foot-5, 250-pound tight end sped toward six points, galloping ahead of the smaller, seemingly more nimble Cincinnati Bengal defenders who appeared to be in awe that something so big could move so fast.

As he flipped into the end zone, slapped hands with his teammates and jogged back to the sideline, Kelce remembered a promise he'd made to running back Jamal Charles. He turned to the crowd behind the end zone, raised his right hand in the air and stuck his left arm out to the side. He then wiggled his hips while waving his right hand back and forth, celebrating his first NFL touchdown with a dance called the "Nae Nae.""    READ MORE…

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2. Kelce, Pryor rising after preseason

By Sam Monson - Pro Football Focus

"NFL football is back for real Thursday, but that's not to say we haven't already seen guys in action for a little over a month in preseason games. While the results of those matchups -- at least on the scoreboard -- are pretty meaningless, individual performances can be extremely important and often signify good things to come in the regular season.

Let's take a look at a selection of players on the rise backed up by some pretty impressive preseason performances in 2014."    READ MORE…

3. 9-0 not in the cards for Chiefs this time around

By Bob Lutz - The Wichita Eagle

"Who will ever forget the fun of last season's 9-0 start for the Kansas City Chiefs?

Anything was possible. Reaching the Super Bowl didn't seem far-fetched. OK, that record was tainted by a relatively easy schedule, but you don't get to 9-0 with smoke and mirrors."    READ MORE…

4. Power Rankings: No. 16 Kansas City Chiefs

By Adam Teicher -

"The Kansas City Chiefs check in at No. 16 in the season-opening ESPN Power Rankings.

Since I have the Chiefs finishing 8-8 this season, 16 sounds about right and in the middle of the pack. The Chiefs, for what its worth, are ranked the lowest of last year's 12 playoff teams."    READ MORE…

5. Sorensen's iPhone fails on cut-down day

By Elizabeth Merrill -

"To take their minds off cut-down day, Kansas City Chiefs rookie safety Daniel Sorensen and his wife, Whitney, decided to go to temple on Saturday afternoon. They stowed their cellphones in the car and spent the next two hours worshiping at a service off Interstate 435. Whitney was more nervous and eager than her husband -- "She likes to know," Sorensen said -- and they planned it perfectly when the service ended around 3 p.m. CT, the deadline for cuts. By then, Sorensen, a rookie safety from BYU, would know.

What they didn't anticipate was what a hot summer day in Kansas City weather does to an iPhone in a car. Sorensen's phone overheated, so they spent the next 10 minutes holding it next to the air-conditioner vents while driving on the freeway."    READ MORE…

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