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Top 5 Headlines 9/5: Jamaal Charles is a Super Star

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1. Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles is The Man in Kansas City

By Terez Paylor - The Kansas City Star

"When he's not ducking 300-pound men trying to rip his head off, Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles tries to be a good husband and live a normal life.

That means listening to his wife, Whitney, who helps take care of their two children. Which means going to the grocery store when she asks him to."    READ MORE…

Red Friday Preparations

2. Minus Bowe, Chiefs need help from Avery

By Adam Teicher -

"KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Donnie Avery caught just 40 passes in 2013, his debut season for the Kansas City Chiefs. It's tempting to think of that as disappointing for a starting wide receiver, particularly one the Chiefs thought would be a difference maker.

But it was probably what the Chiefs should have expected. Avery was 20 catches off his career high but his numbers weren't completely out of line with what he'd done earlier in his career with the St. Louis Rams and Indianapolis Colts. They made even more sense considering the numbers for the other starting receiver, Dwayne Bowe, were also down and that a running back, Jamaal Charles, led the Chiefs in receiving."    READ MORE…

3. Berry makes no guarantees over health

By Adam Teicher -

"Safety Eric Berry will play for the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday when they begin the regular season against the Tennessee Titans. Berry missed all of the preseason because of tendonitis in his heel.

Beyond that, Berry is making no promises."    READ MORE…

4. In the NFL, staying a playoff team is often harder than getting back to the postseason

By Sam Mellinger - The Kansas City Star

"This is the Chiefs' challenge, and it's not a coincidence that when coach Andy Reid is asked about the NFL trend of teams falling back the year after making a big jump into the playoffs, he sounds a little like a man talking about weight loss — eat right and exercise.

"Good players and good coaches working hard," Reid says. "That normally works.""    READ MORE…

5. They're letting people host fantasy drafts in NFL stadiums now

By Nate Scott - The USA Today

" It's a dreary but warm day in Kansas City. Dozens of men, and yes, they're almost all men, line up outside the entrance to Arrowhead Stadium. They clutch clipboards, laptop bags, pens and pencils. About 50% are wearing Chiefs jerseys and shorts. Some wear suits. A few wear suits with Chiefs jerseys.

They are all here to draft imaginary football teams."    READ MORE…

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