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Top 5 Headlines 9/8: Chiefs vs. Titans Analysis

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1. Chiefs Blitz: A look at the good, the bad and the ugly from Sunday's game against the Titans

By Terez Paylor - The Kansas City Star


Yep. On multiple levels. On paper, the Titans are one of the most beatable teams on the Chiefs' schedule, so it gets only harder from here. Next week is Denver, followed by Miami, New England, San Francisco and San Diego. Four of those teams made the playoffs, and the one that didn't — Miami — is ascending. In other words, if the Chiefs don't make significant improvements soon, they could be staring 0-6 in the face."    READ MORE…

Chiefs vs. Titans

Photos from the Chiefs week one game against the Titans.

2. It's only one game, but the Chiefs start out in fiasco mode

By Vahe Gregorian - The Kansas City Star

"It's only one game. You could console yourself with that. And maybe there should be some sense of moderation or proportion in processing what you saw.

But ... no. This was a numbing, unsettling exhibition of football the Chiefs unfurled on Sunday at Arrowhead Stadium, where fans were fleeing in flocks by early in the fourth quarter."    READ MORE…

3. Chiefs Notebook: Donnie Avery emerges as top target for QB Alex Smith

By Randy Covitz - The Kansas City Star

"The Chiefs knew Donnie Avery would be a go-to receiver Sunday because of the one-game suspension of Dwayne Bowe for violating the NFL substance-abuse policy, but the passing game appeared skewed toward Avery.

Avery was targeted on 13 of Alex Smith's 33 passing attempts, and he caught seven for 84 yards. The only other wide receiver to catch a pass was Frankie Hammond Jr., who caught one for 22 yards."    READ MORE…

4. Derrick Johnson's injury is brutal for the Chiefs but appalling for him

By Sam Mellinger - The Kansas City Star

"Derrick Johnson's right foot is in a boot, and of all the guys in this locker room to spend the day living the athlete's nightmare, why did it have to be him?

He wears baggy red shorts with the Chiefs' logo, crutching his way toward the door and an uncertain future. Football can be such a cruel game. The tear of an Achilles' tendon happens in a blink, and it changes a career forever. Athletes know this. Johnson has spent a decade building a reputation as one of the NFL's best linebackers."    READ MORE…

5. Rapid Reaction: Kansas City Chiefs

By Adam Teicher -

"What it means: While it's dangerous to make too much of a season opener, it's not too early to think the Chiefs are in some trouble. Their schedule takes a decided turn for the difficult now. They have road games against the Denver Broncos and Miami Dolphins in the next two weeks, followed by a home game against the New England Patriots and two more road games with the San Francisco 49ers and San Diego Chargers. A sub-.500 record through six games looks unavoidable.

Devastating injuries: The Chiefs lost Pro Bowl linebacker Derrick Johnson and starting defensive end Mike DeVito. It's reasonable to assume both will be out for en extended period. If so, the Chiefs will find it difficult to adequately replace either player. Johnson is one of the league's top inside linebackers. He's excellent against the run and in pass coverage. DeVito is a sturdy run defender who had improved as a pass-rusher."    READ MORE…

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