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Travis Kelce Coming Off Shoulder Surgery: "Nothing is Holding Me Back"

Injury update on Travis Kelce

Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce is excited to no longer just be talking the talk.

After a shoulder surgery in February that caused Kelce to miss all of offseason OTAs and mini camps, the tight end was back on the field the past two days of training camp walking the walk.

"I'm just happy to be out there with the guys. It gets old being in the locker room and the meeting rooms with everybody," Kelce said.

"Just to get out there and be a leader on the field for everybody and showing them more so how to do it, rather than to speak it when I'm on the sideline and can't necessarily play, so it's just good to be out there. And to get in the motions and catch a few balls from Alex, and go to work."

Coach Reid enjoyed seeing the Alex Smith and Kelce duo back on the field.

"He looks like Kelce, he doesn't look any different," Coach Reid said. "He's moving around and he's having fun doing it."

The fifth-year tight end is helping lead the rookies with Smith and Derrick Johnson to bring them along when the veterans arrive Thursday—with no shoulder sorrows.

"We're rolling, man. It feels great. I haven't had any problems with it first two days of camp," Kelce said. "I had a few dropped balls that I got to clean up, but other than that we're working like I said."

Kelce joked around with the media when asked if he's been able to work out his upper body like normal in the weight room.

"Are you saying my arms look small right now? I'm in the weight room," he laughed. "I'm doing everything I can to get ready for the season, including the weight room. There's nothing holding me back in terms of movement or weight, just going ahead and getting better."

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