Tweets from Chiefs: Game Week

Man I've been waiting for this NFL season to kickoff since the off season. Cant wait till Sunday. So much Motivation it's crazy. — Derrick Johnson (@superdj56) September 6, 2013

Game week, lets go — Chad Hall (@chadhall16) September 4, 2013

Never been so excited to put my cleats back on workout felt good... — NICO JOHNSON (@JOHNSON35BOY) September 2, 2013

Thanks for all the support. Excited to be a KC Chief  — Dezman Moses (@DezmanM) September 1, 2013

Preparation Passion Patience — Q (@QDemps) September 1, 2013

KC it is.. Just very bless to be giving the opportunity !!  — Ron Parker (@ghost_0836) September 1, 2013

It's almost that time! #chiefs — Dexter McCluster (@dextermccluster) September 5, 2013

The season is almost here and my lil Chief ready lol — Sean Smith (@SeanSMITH24) September 5, 2013

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