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Twitter Q & A: Chiefs S Quintin Demps

"Q" answers five tweeted questions from members of Chiefs Kingdom


In this week's Twitter Q & A, which gives fans the opportunity to ask their favorite Chiefs players questions, Chiefs S Quintin Demps took time to answer the questions below, revealing thoughts from his 95-yard kick return TD in Week 14 and more.

@KCChiefs @KCChiefsReid what's the most important skill in being a successful return man? — Jordan Schrag (@therealdigdug) December 12, 2013


"The most important skill is vision and then the courage to hit the hole as hard as you can and trusting your blocking."

@KCChiefs @KCChiefsReid how has the atmosphere of the locker room and practice and the team changed throughout the year being 9-0 to 10-3. — Austin Michael (@_AustinHoward) December 12, 2013


"Our locker room has been tight since day one, but during the losses, they have a way of bringing us even more together to endure them and improve, which we've done."

@KCChiefsReid for Quintin Demps... What was going through your head on the kickoff return touchdown vs. the Redskins? — Ball Hawk (@kylec123180) December 11, 2013


"I was mad that I got beat for a touchdown. The only thing that was going through my head was that I have to score a touchdown; that's the only thing that would make me feel better right now."

@KCChiefsReid What is his fastest 40 time? — LS Chiefs Fan (@LSChiefsFan58) December 12, 2013



@KCChiefsReid ask Demps what he thinks about the use of social media today? Good? Bad? — Jordan (@j_giesy) December 13, 2013


"I feel like social media is two-fold. It depends on the person. It can help you, but it can also hurt you. I'm mature enough to handle it. You have to be careful what you tweet; you can't just tweet anything. You have to make sure you think before you tweet; that's what I like to say. I think it's beneficial in many ways."

Be sure to follow Quintin on Twitter (@QDemps).

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