Tyreek Hill Shows Off Speed on "Sport Science"

Hill dodged, juked and ultimately outran 43 kids on the program

Tyreek Hill is fast.

It's been on display again and again through his two seasons in the NFL, whether it be his 86-yard kickoff return for a score against Denver last season, his 75-yard touchdown reception again New England this year or one of the many electric plays in between.

ESPN's "Sport Science" put that speed to the test.

The program, hosted by John Brenkus, examined Hill's speed with two drills.

The first was a simple 20-yard dash, in which Hill hit a top speed of 22.3 miles per hour – a Sport Science record.

While impressive, it was the next test that showed why Hill is truly a special player.

Secured with two flags on his waist, Hill stood near one end of the field and was asked to simulate a kickoff return. Though instead of facing 11 players in coverage, Hill was tasked with eluding 43 youth football players with a combined reach of 70 yards.

Hill did the test twice, scoring on his second attempt.


Brenkus then dove deeper into Hill's performance in order to explain his success.

According to Brenkus, Hill's running style keeps him in contact with the ground on 80 percent of each stride. By comparison, the Atlanta Falcons' Julio Jones, a much taller receiver, maintains contact with the ground on just 70 percent of each stride.

That additional time on the ground allows Hill to make cuts that other players can't make.

Brenkus went on to examine that agility, as Hill made three changes of direction in just over a second while maintaining a speed of 20.3 miles per hour.

That's special.

Of course, Hill didn't need the drills to justify what he can do on the field.

Before the tests began, Brenkus suggested that Hill was one of the fastest players in the NFL.

Hill looked at Brenkus with a smile.

"The fastest."

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