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Tyreek Hill Using Madden Speed Ranking as Motivation to Get Faster

The cheetah found some new motivation

Last year, Kansas City Chiefs' All-Pro return-man Tyreek Hill was clocked as the fastest player in the NFL.

Actually, to be exact, Hill had the two fastest speeds recorded of any player last year.

According to NextGen Stats, Hill was clocked at 23.24 miles per hour in Week 2 against the Houston Texans, and then at 22.77 miles per hour in Week 12 against the Denver Broncos.

So, when the latest Madden 18 rankings came out, Hill was surprised to learn that he wasn't given the highest "speed score" in the league.

That honor actually went to John Ross, a rookie receiver with the Cincinnati Bengals who made headlines with his blazing and record-breaking 40-yard dash at the NFL Scouting Combine last February.

Hill has a speed score of 97, while Ross got a 98.

"I was kind of mad," Hill joked. "You know what I'm saying, because they have me second highest-score. I mean, [Ross] ran a 4.22, and I understand that, but at least give me and him the same speed."

"I guess I have to hit 24 miles-per-hour," Hill smiled. "That's the goal this year."

The guy with the nickname of "Cheetah" showed off that speed Saturday morning at practice, hauling in a deep pass on a go-route from Alex Smith.

After practice, Hill credited new receivers' coach Greg Lewis for the work he's put in on helping Hill set up his routes, which on this particular play, came against the All-Pro cornerback, Marcus Peters.

"[Lewis] preaches patience at the line, so I am working on that each and every day," Hill explained. "I was patient at the line, I was able to move [Peters] inside and was able to get open, and then Alex threw a tremendous ball."

While his speed wasn't an issue on that play, Hill did confirm that the Madden rankings are a little push to take it up another notch in 2017.

"It's definitely motivation for me to get faster," he said.

Rather than question the rankings, Chiefs fans should probably thank the folks at Madden.

The only thing better than a fast cheetah, is a motivated cheetah. 

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