Upon Further Review: 10 Quick Facts From Thursday's Victory over New England

Here are some quick facts following the Chiefs’ season-opening win over the Patriots

1. Kareem Hunt had a record-breaking debut

Rookie running back Kareem Hunt had an NFL debut for the ages on Thursday night, tallying 246 yards from scrimmage and three touchdowns.

2. Alex Smith posted one of the best games of his career

3. The Chiefs' offense as a whole was clicking on all cylinders

4. The Patriots don't lose like that very often, especially at home

5. In fact, the Patriots don't lose much at home at all

6. Tyreek Hill made a big play, as usual

7. Kansas City has been tough to beat on the road recently

8. It's just one game, but winning the opener is indicative of future success

9. The defense made some big plays in some critical moments

10. The Chiefs' offensive line was at its best

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